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Conservative Restaurant Will Reopen After Closing Over Backlash To Pro-Trump Facebook Post

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The owners of Cup It Up American Grill in Tucson, Arizona, were forced to close their doors after posting a pro-Trump, anti-national anthem protest missive on Facebook earlier this month. However, the restaurant will now reopen at a new location.

As reported by Western Journalism, the restaurant’s owners, Christopher Smith and Jay Warren, expressed their support for “OUR President Donald J. Trump,” “Always standing for the National Anthem,” “Legal Immigration,” “The United States Armed Forces” and “In God We Trust,” among other issues.

Meanwhile, the two also communicated their disapproval of “Kneeling for the National Anthem,” “ANTIFA,” “Fake News” and “Political correctness.”

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In a Thursday interview with Fox News, Smith explained one reason the national anthem protests struck such a nerve with him is because he is a U.S. Navy veteran, who served in first Gulf War.

“My take on the national anthem is a patriotic one. I served in the Persian Gulf,” he said. “And ironically, it was 1991, January 27, 1991, I flew on board the (aircraft carrier) USS Midway, and it was the same time that Whitney Houston sang the national anthem during the Super Bowl.”

Smith recounted he did not remember who played in the game (Buffalo Bills versus New York Giants), but he remembered Houston’s performance. The 750 million who tuned into the game likely remembered it too.

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Famed sports announcer and former NFL player, the late Frank Gifford, who introduced Houston at the game, described her performance as, “The most electric moment that I’ve ever seen in sports.”

According to Mental Floss, Houston recalled in 2000 that she could feel the “intensity” of the moment, with the nation on edge just days into the Persian Gulf War.

“A lot of our daughters and sons were overseas fighting,” she said. “I could see, in the stadium, I could see the fear, the hope, the intensity, the prayers going up, you know, and I just felt like this is the moment.”

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“And it was hope, we needed hope, you know, to bring our babies home and that’s what it was about for me, that’s what I felt when I sang that song, and the overwhelming love coming out of the stands was incredible,” Houston added.

Smith said Houston’s iconic moment, and the sentiment it represents, contrasted so greatly with the recent trend of NFL players kneeling for the anthem, that he and his partner felt prompted to write their post.

“Fast-forward to today, now I turn on the TV, and the gentlemen are kneeling,” he added. “I know I’m not diminishing their cause, but there’s just no justification to disrespect our national anthem and the men and women who served in the armed forces.”

The restaurant owners said in their post that “NFL games will not be shown in our store until they get their act together and show the respect our country and the service men and women deserve!”

The two owners recounted that the response online was immediate.

“We expected some shares, some discussion, but as it kept coming in, after about three hours of the pure nastiness, we decided to pull it, not our beliefs, but the post,” Smith said.

Smith told the Arizona Daily Star that the restaurant also received harassing phone calls and threats to burn the building down with the owners in it.

The restaurant’s chef and operating partner, Julian Alarcon, who was not involved with the post, resigned the next day, telling the paper, “It is not worth it.”

Several other employees also quit over the course of the next few days.

The post was made on a Friday, and the restaurant, which was located just of the University of Arizona’s campus, closed its doors the following Monday.

Cup It Up featured a healthy menu with people able to choose various greens, meats, veges, grains and nuts in a Chipotle-style serving line.

Warren told Fox News that they plan to reopen, “in a city hopefully near you, hopefully soon.”

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