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Marine Who Lost Both Legs In Line Of Duty Running 31 Marathons in 31 Days

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“I am doing it for a purpose. The purpose is a lot more important than me being comfortable.”

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After an explosion in Afghanistan robbed him of both of his legs, former Marine Rob Jones is once again showing what it means to serve others.

The 32-year-old has decided to run 31 marathons — all in different cities — in 31 days. The goal is to raise money for charities that support wounded veterans.

Though he will be running hundreds of miles across the country, his inspirational journey began back in 2010 while he was away on his second tour of duty.

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Jones had worked as a combat engineer in Afghanistan, where he was primarily responsible for locating and neutralizing improvised explosive devices.

“I would clear a route through that area and people would follow behind me,” Jones said.

One day, though, he missed an IED, and it ultimately led to above-the-knee amputation surgeries on both of his legs. He came home wounded, but his fighting spirit remained.

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After his surgery, Jones said he wanted to become a Paralympic medalist, and it was at the 2012 Paralympic Games that he and his partner won the bronze metal in for Team USA in rowing. Even today, that memory is still fresh on his mind.

“I still feel proud of it,” Jones said. “It was refreshing because it was the first thing I wanted to do. It set me on track to achieve my goals in a physical realm.”

But that wasn’t enough for Jones, who embarked on a 5,180-mile bike ride in 2013 from Maine to southern California in order to raise more money for wounded veterans.

And now, he plans to do it again. His marathon journey began on Oct. 11 in London and will end in Washington, D.C.

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The former Marine runs 26.2 miles each day to accomplish his goal, and even invites others to join in if they can.

“I’m excited about the last one in D.C. because it is really poignant on Veterans Day on the National Mall,” Jones told ABC News.

“Being a person that has successfully gone to Afghanistan and Iraq, had a traumatic experience, and reintegrated into society, I am an example and want to show I’ve succeeded,” Jones said.

According to Sports Illustrated, Jones is raising money for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

Jones admitted that running has been more difficult than riding a bike or rowing because of the fatigue he experiences each day, but pain hasn’t slowed him down from accomplishing his goal.

“I am doing it for a purpose. The purpose is a lot more important than me being comfortable,” Jones said.

Jones has raised roughly $125,000 during his bike ride in 2013 and is aiming to hit the $1 million mark when he finishes his current journey.

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