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Public Perception Important to Bunkerville Standoff Trial

Public Perception

Public Perception Important to Bunkerville Standoff Trial

Editorial by Shari Dovale

We previously reported on a motion filed by Ryan Bundy to have Judge Gloria Navarro recused from the Bunkerville Standoff case.

This motion is based on the premise that public perception is heavily against Navarro. It goes to the general consensus throughout the country that activist Judge Navarro is using her authority to further her agenda by blatantly ruling in favor of the prosecution and against the defense.

The motion was based on dozens of articles from both alternative media and Main Stream media. Sites including Redoubt News, as well as the Las Vegas Review Journal and the New York Times, are reporting that the story has now become about Judge Navarro and her obvious bias, instead of what actually happened on April 12, 2014.

This is a powerful motion. This argument does not address whether or not Navarro is actually biased, it only references the public perception of her bias. This goes to the growing lack of trust the citizens in the country have against the federal judicial system and, by extension, the Federal government.

The motion has been filed to be ruled on by Judge Gloria Navarro herself, and whether or not she will voluntarily recuse herself from the case. This makes it different from a disqualification motion, which would be ruled on by a different judge. However, when Navarro denies the recusal motion, the disqualification argument can be made on appeal.

The reason this has garnered so much attention is that, contrary to Navarro’s typical habits, she has actually told the prosecution to file a response to this motion. This would seem to indicate that she knows it is a very strong argument and needs help from AUSA Steven Myhre to come up with a basis to deny it, versus the outright denial she normally uses.

She needs a stronger legal argument just because she has been caught denying so many defense arguments arbitrarily, as the motion indicates.

It is already a given that Navarro is ruling based on the agenda of Harry Reid, her apparent mentor and fairy godfather to which she can thank for her current position. Reid is well known to want the Bundy Ranch for his pet money-making project of a Chinese Solar farm.

They need the Bundy ranch to complete the deal.

This explains the five, yes five, forfeiture clauses built into the superseding indictment against Cliven Bundy, et. al. The prosecution makes clear that any guilty verdict against any of the 19 defendants gives them leave to take the Bundy ranch and cattle.

However, the problem that the government now faces is simple: The people are on to them.

They are being scrutinized in an unprecedented way by the citizens of the country. We The People are not all rolling over for whatever the government tells us any more.

If the BLM was right in everything they did on April 12, 2014, then why can’t the feds take responsibility for their actions? Why are they so intent on not allowing the jury to see all of the facts? Haven’t they learned from their previous fiascoes?

The jury acquitted several defendants, and deadlocked on others, based on not receiving the whole story. The jury is not rolling over for it either. They want the whole truth.

The prosecution is required to file a response by October 17th, whereas the defense will then reply by Oct. 19th.

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