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Radio Interview: Should Police Be Able to Hide Information About Surveillance?

A press release about the lawsuit filed against me by the city of Lexington, Ky., relating to an open records request I filed seeking information on surveillance generated a ton of local media coverage, including an appearance on Kruser and Krew, the afternoon-drive show on WVLK AM.


Kruser and I talked about the city’s efforts to hide information about its surveillance cameras. I started off the interview with a bang.

“You know what’s really ironic about this? I’m trying to get information about surveillance whenever you do that, people will give you the, ‘Well if you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to fear.’ And yet, I’ve got stacks of redacted documents and a lawsuit, and I’m wondering what Lexington’s got to hide and what they’ve got to fear.”

Kruser tried to push me a bit, arguing that maybe the police were justified in hiding some information about their surveillance programs. I think I pretty much obliterated that argument.

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