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Roy Moore Attacked by Homo-Fascists for Sharing My Article Endorsing Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Laws

In the wake of the biased CNN report titled “Roy Moore’s Facebook page shared inflammatory memes, article praising Russia’s anti-gay laws,” which attacks Moore because of my BarbWire article, the homosexual websites Intomore and LGBTQNation quickly followed suit.

Referring to my article, LGBTQNation published its headline: “Senate candidate Roy Moore agrees with Russia’s antigay crackdown.”

In its piece titled “GOP Senate Candidate Shares Article Endorsing Russia’s Brutal Anti-Gay Propaganda Laws” (as if to ban homosexual propaganda to children were “brutal”), Intomore said:

One of America’s most homophobic politicians is in hot water yet again following reports that his Facebook page shared an article praising Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws.

Roy Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court justice who attempted to block same-sex marriage in his state, shared the offending link in 2015. Authored by BarbWire’s Julio Severo, the piece refers to Vladimir Putin’s oppressive regime as championing “a strong stance in defense of traditional family values.”

“It bans homosexual groups and individuals from giving children information about homosexuality,” Severo writes. “Violators face hefty fines and arrest.”

Intomore complains that homosexual “pride parades have been blocked across” Russia.

The Russian law kills homosexual propaganda, not homosexuals. In contrast, Saudi Arabia kills both homosexual propaganda and homosexuals.

Does Intomore see the difference? Apparently, it does not see. A simple Google search finds, in its results, that Intomore has condemned Russia many times (in 78 hits) and Saudi Arabia just 4 times (yes, incredibly just 4 hits).

If I understand Intomore’s logics, if you ban homosexual propaganda, you deserve many condemnations. But if you ban homosexual propaganda and apply capital punishment on homosexuals, you deserve just a few condemnations.

So, to avoid many condemnations from Intomore and other American homosexual websites, should Russia imitate Saudi Arabia, the closest Islamic partner of the United States, and add capital punishment to homosexuals?

Russia is the largest Orthodox Christian nation in the world. Saudi Arabia is the capital of Islam in the world.

Obviously Intomore and other homosexual websites are much more worried about Christianity than about Islam.

If homosexualists at Intomore were given an opportunity to choose between Saudi Arabia and Russia to live, would they would choose Saudi Arabia?

Perhaps their life philosophy is: It is better to die under Islam than living under Christianity!

Intomore also said about Moore:

The 70-year-old told C-SPAN2’s After Words in a 2005 interview that homosexuality should be illegal. Moore has called same-sex relations “abominable, detestable, unmentionable, and too disgusting and well known to require other definition or further details or description.”

Nothing new. Moore merely said what the Jewish and Christian Bibles have been saying for thousands of years!

Sadly, current America grants excessive freedom to homosexualists — a nonsense never imagined by the U.S. Founders, including the first U.S. president, George Washington, who loathed homosexuality and expelled homosexuals, but never killed them.

Intomore added:

Moore, who also shared a video questioning whether President Barack Obama is a Muslim, recently won the GOP nomination.

So is Intomore unhappy that Moore suggested Obama is a Muslim? For Intomore, is Islam better than Christianity? If so, to live in the United States or Russia is a bad choice and a “nightmare.” They should move to Saudi Arabia.

Next, Intomore said about me:

But at least one person is happy about Moore’s endorsement of Russian homophobia: the author of the BarbWire piece himself.

Responding to the CNN report which broke the story, Severo writes that it’s a “privilege” to have his article shared by the former jurist, who was removed from his position after being found guilty of numerous ethics violations. Calling the cable station the “Communist News Network,” the author refers to CNN as “one of most rabid left-wing, anti-conservative channels in the United States.”

The “numerous ethics violations” are mainly that Moore refused a federal judge’s order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse lobby and that he opposed gay “marriage,” resulting in his permanent suspension. I would also love to be condemned for such “ethics violations”!

As an evangelical Christian, Moore acted correctly by sharing my article endorsing Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws.

Christians do not approve the brutal Islamic treatment of homosexuals in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. This treatment results in the torture and death of homosexuals.

But Christians everywhere approve righteousness everywhere. If Russia has a law banning homosexual propaganda to protect children and teenagers from the harmful effects of homosexual indoctrination, this is righteousness.

If Russia, the largest Orthodox Christian nation in the world, approves such righteousness, Christians everywhere praise it.

If the United States, the largest Protestant nation in the world, approves such righteousness, Christians everywhere praise it.

I am a Brazilian, but I praise George Washington for his correct attitude of loathing homosexuality and expelling homosexuals. Would he expel homosexualists from the U.S. government today? You bet! I am a fan of Washington. Yet, Intomore would prefer to express many condemnations of Christian Washington and a few condemnations of the Islamic Saudis.

For homo-fascists, it is “brutal” to ban homosexual propaganda to children. Yet, whatever they think, they are not entitled to our children. In fact, they have no rights whatsoever over children.

It is actually brutal not to protect children and teenagers from homosexual propaganda.

I am pretty sure that if Washington were risen today and given an opportunity to offer his views on laws banning homosexual propaganda, he would side with children’s safety.

Washington is not here. But America has thousands of Christians like Washington. Moore is one of them.

To protect children from predatory homosexuality and its propaganda is more important than protecting predatory homosexual propaganda to children.

Roy Moore should be praised for understanding this difference and siding with Washington.

America needs heroes like Washington. Moore is one of them. If America has wicked individuals, including in her State Department and her embassies, who praise sodomy around the world, why cannot America have a hero praising efforts around the world, including in Russia, to protect children from the homosexual propaganda?

Portuguese version of this article: Roy Moore atacado por homo-fascistas por compartilhar meu artigo de apoio às leis contra propaganda homossexual na Rússia

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