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The Most FAKE News of ALL Fake News is…

The Left has created an epidemic of false narratives and rhetoric. They use euphemism and emotionally manipulative identity politics on the general public. This has created a divisive climate that seem to start shortly after the tragedy of 9/11. Since then, the Left has doubled down on this nonsense while more and more people are struggling to just survive on a day to day basis.

So now we have a movement of people that is not really the Conservative movement, but a populist movement that not only no longer trusts anything the Left says or promises, but they also are more prone to believe any negative accusation directed toward the Left. In other words, the many years of the Left’s fake news, often helped by the mainstream media, has created a backlash of people who will believe fake news about the Left.

For example, two most recent “fake news” articles regarding the Left included a claim that Miley Cyrus claims she worships Satan outright and talks about satan being a “good guy” who is just misunderstood.

The other is a claim that Michael Moore sexually harrassed four underage girls.

None of these claims had any evidence to them. They were just clickbait headlines.

But I came across many within this populist movement believing those claims. And when fellow Conservatives call them out on it, they are either ignored or accused of being part of the Left themselves.

This is insanity. After years of fake news coming from the Left, we are seeing a fake news backlash against them. In a way it’s deserving, but it won’t be a good strategy in the long run when it comes to defeating the dangers and destructive nature of Leftism within our culture.

Populism isn’t the answer to Leftism. Especially populism driven by whataboutism. Populism is simply the dumbing down, knee-jerk response to Leftism.

The modus operandi of the populist movement is only to antagonize the Left, even though the Left does much of that on their own, as they buy into their own euphemisms and false narratives centered on identity politics. The populist movement is simply exploiting that, but not really offering comprehensive policy solutions.

I see many of the group facebook pages that were once filled with principled and thoughtful dialogue and policy solutions among Conservatives now being overtaken and overrun by a populist movement that only engages in various forms of clickbait. It’s getting beyond ridiculous now.

That being stated, there the term “fake news” is now thrown around too much. But if there is anything that is the “fakest” of the fake news is the lie that people overcoming their homosexual attractions and/or practice is not real or is akin to torture. Again, it’s the “fakest” of fake news out there.

There is much data out there that the LGBT- Letting Go of Biological Truth activists and their followers ignore and pretend to not exist…

Also, there is the comprehensive newatlantis study by McHugh & Mayer regarding “sexual orientation”…

Testimonies from NARTH clients…

more testimonies…

The modus operandi of the LGBT- Letting Go of Biological Truth movement to censor and ignore people who change and overcome homosexual desire and/or practice is very revealing.

The homosexual activist (LGBT – Letting Go of Biological Truth) lobby should be called “modern day slave owners.” The position and stance they hold is that they don’t want anybody who has unwanted same sex attraction to have the choice to leave their plantation they deceptively like to call “gay.” No freedom to choose, no right to exercise self-determination, no individual liberty.

The LGBT activists are constantly attempting to use the force of government to try and ban therapy (and have had much success) in order to prevent those unhappy with their same-sex attractions from living in accordance with their ideals, reaching their goals, and finding peace within themselves. They want to stop persons really of any age from simply talking to and be treated by licensed therapists if they want to address their romantic and sexual inclinations in ways that align with their faith, values, morals, and life goals. This slave owner-like “you must stay on the “gay” plantation or else” view and totalitarian efforts should concern anybody who believes in the freedom, self-determination, real choice, and liberty.

If we are going to counter fake news, lets counter actual fake news starting with the most fake of all the fake news out there. The more people who read and investigate the evidence within the links I provided here, the better we can fight actual fake news starting with the most fake of all the fake news. Please share with others as much as you can and ask them do to the same, and then come back to this article again and again from time to time and share it. Thanks in advance for your help!

Side note:

Any Conservative or Christian site or source I use or write that isn’t an op ed, but always cites data and references from neutral independent sources and/or from the Left themselves. Testimonials that I share are simply that, testimonials of the person or persons giving them.

Liberal Lefties will see the site titles of what I post and just write it off in their heads as “bias” and therefore wrong, without even clicking into the article reading it and investigating the hyperlink sources and the references provided within the article. At the same time of accusing me of “religious bias” and/or “political bias” and just writing it off in their heads as null and void without doing any investigation themselves.

The Left are almost always guilty of the same thing they accuse Conservatives and Christians of doing. They will only post links from sites that have a blatant Leftist agenda, like Daily Kos, Huff Post, Thinkprogress, etc., which oftentimes includes sources and hyperlinks to previous articles that they themselves wrote, that is, if they provide any sources at all. Thinkprogress is especially guilty of this.

Leftists then pretend these are actually neutral sources and/or engage in the “argument from authority” fallacy when putting forth these sources.

One can disagree with the political or religious bent of a publisher or author all they want, that doesn’t prove or disprove anything. You still have to address the content and data and the direct claims provided within the article(s). But that would mean having a civil and respectful debate or conversation as a logical next step, and that would also mean an exercise against apathy and against intellectual laziness.

The Left have never truly been interested in civil and respectful debate or discussions. There was a time when they at least pretended to be, but no longer. Talk about being disingenuous and engaging in real confirmation bias. Now, they just want to do things like use a protest rally to try and censor and block traffic.

Leftists would rather get their news through an emotionally manipulative and/or highly edited comedy routine or overdramatics by an out of touch celebrity elitist on tv or in the movies and just ignore everything else. Until they change all this about themselves, the activists and lobby groups and their minions, we will be wasting much time and energy trying to build bridges. So this is about reaching those who aren’t aware or are not sure of this information that will join us in standing up for truth. GOD speed!

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