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Trump Exposed the Problem and Now the Tide of Fake News is Turning

From the beginning of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has exposed a nationwide problem that many of us have seen for decades–partisan media bias, deception and distortion. In earlier years, professionalism and personal integrity prevented news reporters from injecting their private personal opinions into the stories they wrote. But one of the sad realities of America’s increasingly godless culture is that those virtues have been relegated to the scrap heap of archaic irrelevance.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on the Fox News Network, President Trump fired another salvo against fake news saying, “Media is bad, they are really dishonest people. These are very, very dishonest people in many cases. When you’re the one being written about, you know if it’s good or bad–and it’s always, they try to make it negative. So the media–I call it fake media. It is fake. So much fake news.”

President Trump has boldly exposed a problem that many previous Republican presidents have lacked the courage to address–the blatant political favoritism most of the media consistently demonstrates toward the far-left wing of the liberal Democrat party and the open hostility toward Christians, conservatives and Republicans. Now, however, the depth and breadth of news media hypocrisy is being clearly seen and felt by many who have ignored it in the past.

Over the past fifty years, Americans have observed the overwhelmingly-Democrat news media protect and defend liberal politicians and conceal the death and destruction that their reckless policies predictably cause. The entire range of media–newspapers, film and television–has become increasingly antagonistic to the values of the American people, attacking the elected leaders that they choose to represent them.

From the Oval Office, President Trump was asked to respond to an NBC News story claiming that he asked military leaders to increase the country’s nuclear weapons. President Trump stated, “Frankly, it’s disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write. And people should look into it.” Later, the president asked on Twitter, “At what point is it appropriate to challenge their license?” NBC News, he said, is “Bad for country.” Those remarks prompted renewed attacks by the media and politicians.

NBC News had the story about Hollywood sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, but refused to report it. The same network reported alleged Russian election hacking without any credible evidence to support it. NBC repeated the false charges for months, as did ABC and CBS.

Responding to President Trump’s criticism of false media reports, Nebraska Republican Senator and “never-Trumper,” Ben Sasse, asked in a statement, “Are you tonight recanting the oath you took on Jan. 20, to preserve, protect, and defend the First Amendment?” In his response, Sasse himself, demonstrated two tactics that Democrats and fake news media routinely employ to deceive others. First, he attempted to divert the issue from false media reporting to the president’s remarks, implying that the media is blameless. Second, the senator falsely suggested that any action taken against broadcasters would be an affront to freedom of the press and unconstitutional.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl, a vicious anti-Trump reporter and the network’s White House Correspondent, said today, “It’s unclear what the president can do since networks are not licensed by the FCC.” Karl is correct about the law however, the constitution does not provide a shield behind which scoundrels can throw rocks at opponents with impunity. While the FCC does not license networks, it does license affiliates, which air network programming and the networks’ commercials. If local stations are subjected to stiff fines for false and malicious reporting, the affiliates will be compelled to break their alliances with them.

Just as the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms does not confer an unconditional freedom to shoot people without cause, the First Amendment’s freedom of the press does not provide the partisan media a right to commit slander or libel without consequence. Nor does it protect those who leak classified national security intelligence information in violation of federal espionage laws.

It’s unfortunate that those who now rush to defend the corrupt media citing the First Amendment freedom of the press, were conspicuously silent when previous Democrat administrations and lawmakers repeatedly trampled religious liberty. These reprobates, beginning with Lyndon Johnson, abused their power by limiting the same First Amendment’s freedom of religion, gagging pastors and churches under IRS rules and compelling Christians to fund practices that are morally abhorrent to them.

All of the most disturbing national stories of the past year, from Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server and national intelligence leaks, to attacks against police, stopping illegal immigration, healthcare reform and defiant NFL demonstrations have been distorted by the fake news networks. Each of these issues has one common root. There is no fear of God before our eyes. And when there is no fear of God, there is no fear of man or the law.

America is deeply divided and ripe for increasing violence. Responsible working people and taxpayers have suffered needless financial and regulatory burdens, imposed upon them by liberal elites in Washington and the coastal states. Their oppressors have been able to avoid public scrutiny because the media has actively shrouded their deeds and motives.

President Trump is changing the political and social landscape for the better, reversing decades of liberal corruption. He does this by connecting directly with the public and leading his supporters to use their power to affect change at every level of society.

Truths that have long been hidden are now being exposed. And that is where national restoration and lasting improvement must always begin, with the truth.

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