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Ammon Bundy Released in Las Vegas

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Ammon Bundy Released in Las Vegas

Ammon Bundy Released in Las Vegas

by Shari Dovale

Crowds waited hours to see Ammon Bundy finally released from prison in Las Vegas, Nevada this morning.

Judge Gloria Navarro announced her change of heart yesterday while berating prosecutors for hidden discovery documents not turned over to the defense.

In a continuing saga, the prosecutors have been caught hiding evidence from defense teams for the Bunkerville Standoff trial.

Idaho Rep. Dorothy Moon with Ammon Bundy at his release. (Facebook)

They began by attempting to overwhelm the defense with massive amounts unnecessary paperwork burying the real evidence. The amount of discovery is estimated to be in excess of four terabytes of information.

Then, it was revealed that they still had not turned over all of the evidence, and continued to try to hide it.

This has become a near daily occurrence in the courtroom.

Judge Navarro had no choice but to allow release of these defendants, if only to halfway houses.

Cliven Bundy refused release. The patriarch of the Bundy Family has said that he will wait until the remaining defendants are released. It is also said that he will wait until he can be released without conditions, including being required to live in a halfway house.

He will continue to stand for “Innocent until proven Guilty.”

Ryan Payne has been allowed release by Judge Navarro, but this needs approval by Judge Anna Brown of Oregon. Payne has plead guilty in her courtroom for charges related to the Malheur Protest Trial. He is expected to present a Bond for his release.

Several supporters were on hand this morning for the release of Ammon. Included in the crowd was Idaho State Representative Dorothy Moon. She has been in attendance the entire week.

This is the first time in nearly two years that Bundy has been able to see his family in person.

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Enjoy the videos and photos from the event.

Crowd gathering. (Greg Whalen Facebook)

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Ammon Bundy Released in Las Vegas

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