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Democrats Should Give Up Identity Politics… It Isn’t Working for Them

The presidential election of 2016 was often touted as a “referendum” on President Barack Obama and the Democrats. Obama and the Democrats represented identity politics.

Republican nominee Donald Trump represented the opposition to the establishment and identity politics.

It has now been a little over a year since the nation elected Trump and rejected the Democrat strategy of identity politics, but the Democrats still do not want to accept the fact that the people have rejected them. Trump won the election, but the hydra of identity politics refuses to be slain.

Men like Donald Trump Jr. are keeping the side of unity strong.

Trump Jr. has consistently called out identity politics on Twitter. Most recently, Trump Jr. replied to a CNN guest who said Trump refuses to criticize white men by listing several white men the president had criticized.

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This is just one example of the ridiculous identity politics practiced by Democrats.

On almost every issue, the Democrats take a racial approach. The consequences of this approach are policy stances that are both divisive and devoid of any regard for taxpayers.

The issue of Confederate monuments is probably the most obvious example of Democrat identity politics at play.

Democrats consistently point out how “racist” the statues are, while any reasonable person realizes that monuments of generals in American history are not intrinsically racist. Instead of divisive identity politics, the Republicans focus on culture and the responsible use of taxpayer money.

Removing the statues is expensive and they are a part of American history and, therefore, culture.

The Democrats even claim that the Republican tax plan is racist.

On Nov. 16, Newsweek published “How Will Black and Latino People Fare Under Trump’s Tax Plan? It Doesn’t Look Good.”

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The article claims that “(t)ax reform could be crafted to create inclusive growth, but the proposed GOP plan will only exacerbate the racial wealth gap and lift inequality growth, according to economists and tax lawyers.”

The author concedes that everyone would benefit from tax reform and “inclusive growth” could ensue. The problem? White people benefit too much.

This racial spin is bizarre. Democrats do not want a racially inclusive tax plan that benefits all Americans.

The article went on to quote a professor at Emory University as saying, “Tax law is generally created with white taxpayers in mind and this is another example of that.”

This is simply not true. There is no reason to believe legislators are consciously thinking about white people when they are creating legislation. Unlike racially minded professors and Democrats, Republican lawmakers are concerned with all American taxpayers.

Most Americans — black, white or Latino — look at the identity politics of the Democrats with disgust. More minorities voted for Trump in 2016 than they voted for Romney in 2012. The left’s strategy to divide America through identity politics is not working.

We must come together to reject identity politics and division, and embrace unity, compassion and reason.

Malachi Bailey is a dissident intellectual dedicated to the preservation of Western values. To contact him, email [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @MBDissident.

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