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EU fails to agree on glyphosate (Roundup) license renewal

Monsanto uses "roundup ready" GMO products that your congress no longer allows states to require labeling. Almost All Tennessee Republican Congressmen voted for that bill. Spraying "Roundup", AKA Glyphosate, on crops is known to kills natural organisms in plants that are required by your body and cannot be obtained through any source other than your diet. Insist on Organic or certified / verified NON-GMO products for your health's sake.

The European Commission has again hit a wall in renewing the approval for the weedkiller glyphosate. The vote comes after 18 months of agonizing over the controversial herbicide.

Glyphosate – will the EU plump for more of the controversial herbicide?

The European Union on Thursday voted on whether to prolong the use of the common but controversial herbicide glyphosate within its borders, but failed to reach a consensus.

The proposal to renew the EU license for glyphosate for another five years failed to a reach a qualified majority, meaning a decision has again been postponed, according to lawmakers. The current license is due to expire on December 15, but there is an 18 month grace period.

Fourteen countries voted in favor of the renewal, nine against, while five, including Germany, abstained from voting. The proposal could now be referred to an appeal committee, or alternatively the Commission could draw up a new proposal to be voted upon.

“No qualified majority for glyphosate renewal in vote today,” said Luxembourg’s Environment Minister Carole Dieschbourg on Twitter. Belgian Agriculture Minister Denis Ducarme confirmed the result.

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Vote out those who voted against your health…

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