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Google Removes Free Speech App From Play Store

Editor's Note: I set up an account GAB.AI and it tried to delete files and folders on my hard drive... BEWARE!

Editor’s Note:   My computer picked up a virus and it may have been from because that was the last site I was on before files started being deleted as I was trying to upload a file to it.  This morning it began deleting text as I was typing.  When I moved the cursor it began deleting text behind the cursor.  I am now on another computer.  It may well be GAB.AI was hacked  It may be some other site I visited.  I cannot be sure.  It deleted the link to my anti-virus when I clicked on it.  Stay away from until an independent source confrims it is OK… [Mike Warner, Editor,]

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Alphabet Inc aka Google has taken one more step to becoming the malevolent tech overlords that they have always wanted to be.They have removed upstart social media network’s mobile app from the Play Store for what they call “hate speech.”

If I had a nickel for every time I have been the target of “hate speech” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope or YouTube (all owned by Facebook, Twitter or Google by the way) I’d have a lot of nickels!

I have stated many times that if Gab had a mobile app I’d leave Twitter forever; well, they tried.

Skynet said no.

I am wholly against the Government mandating what businesses can and can’t do. It is my opinion that the anti-trust laws created to thwart Rockefeller and his ilk were unconstitutional. However, Rockefeller was merely trying to control the flow of oil across America. Google is trying to control the flow of information, which is also unconstitutional.

With that in mind, they must be stopped before they succeed in stopping red-blooded American’s from speaking freely.


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