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Frank FluckigerDear Fellow American Patriots:

The results of our fund raising email that was sent to each of you far exceeded out expectations. The financial response was both over whelming and humbling. Our goal was to attain the $10,000.00 mark, but your generous response far exceeded that. As of the end of October. a total of $12,133.87 was received from 37 states. Four states, Utah, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Oregon account for nearly half of the total donations that were received. My deepest gratitude goes out to all of you who made that happen. This has enabled us to purchase a much needed state of the art copier that will now allow us to print much of our copying needs in house rather than having to outsource that work and will reduce our monthly cash outflow.

The General Election was also good to us. In Duchesne, the County seat of Duchesne County in Utah., we elected a mayor, Rodney Rowley with 63.11% of the vote and also elected a new city councilman Danny Peatross who is the current vice chairman of the CP county party. Danny ran unopposed. In addition to these two victories Bryce Hamilton, the chairman of the CP in Duchesne currently holds a seat on the city council

In Pennsylvania Bob Goodrich lost being re-elected as Township Supervisor by a mere six votes to a republican which was a tough disappointment. The Republican Party made a state wide push to vote straight party ticket in an effort to elect republican judges and that seems to account for Bob’s narrow loss. Our dynamic candidate for governor of New Jersey, Matt Riccardi ran an excellent and hard fought race in one of the most liberal states in the Union. Though he did not win, he placed third of seven candidates in the fourth most populous Ocean County and tied for third in the fifth most populous county of Essex. Considering that this was the first time the CP has ever run a candidate for state wide office in New Jersey, Matt ran a remarkable campaign with very limited funds and a small staff of loyal supporters. You can view the actual voting results of each election on our national web site.

As mentioned in a prior email, Vernon Robinson from North Carolina, the campaign fund raiser for the Ben Carson presidential campaign has left the Republican Party and joined our ranks. He was the keynote speaker at our National Committee meeting in Pittsburgh and also was part of the training program the following day. Word was received over the week end that yet another well respected GOP leader from North Carolina has joined the party. Four other leaders have likewise left the GOP and are giving the Constitution Party a serious look. Joe Miller, a recent candidate for governor of Alaska also spoke on Friday night and Saturday and was well received.

My earlier email also mentioned that the state of North Carolina lowered the number of required valid signatures of registered voters to gain ballot position from nearly 95,000 to 12,000. The state party did not waste any time in getting the petition process underway and has already gathered nearly 400 signatures all on a volunteer basis. That effort will continue in the coming months. However to achieve our goal by the petition deadline of May 16, 2018 we are going to need to bring in professional petitioners. Here again is where we are in need of financial assistance form our supporters. The cost of the petitioners in North Carolina is estimated to be at least $18,000.00. Reaching the May 16th deadline will secure ballot position for the party in that state through 2020. Our presidential candidate has never made ballot access in that state before.

We are also petitioning for ballot position in Hawaii. We achieved ballot position there in 2016 and if we succeed in gaining ballot position there in 2018 and again in 2020, we will then retain ballot position there for the subsequent five years. We need only 750 valid signatures so that is a goal we simply can not afford to pass up. If any of you have family or other contacts in Hawaii who would be willing to sign the petition or help us gather signatures, please contact me as quickly as possible.
Currently the party has ballot access in 12 states most of them in the West, but we need to gain ballot access in at least 12 more during 2018 and then run candidates in those states that will garner enough votes to enable us to retain ballot access through 2020. This is doable and is a must for us to accomplish. However, to do this will require a steady source of revenue coming into the party monthly to sustain the level of ballot petitioning needed to achieve that goal. It is critical for us to keep paid professional signature gatherers in the field as well as our own volunteers. In view of this please go to the national website at and donate what you are financially able. The key to our success is dependent upon receiving steady donations for the next eight months.

I am therefor again asking you to step forward with your pocketbook. Donate $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20,00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, $500.00 or whatever you can to the party. It is critical that you do donate what you can. Simply go on line to the Constitution Party website and donate through that medium. Or you can mail your donation to the Constitution Party P O Box 1782 Lancaster, PA 17608. Raising the needed funds to gain ballot access in North Carolina and Hawaii will be the catalyst for opening up doors of opportunity in many more states.

Once again, thanks so much for your generous financial sacrifice and support in the past.

In the cause of Liberty,
Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman
Constitution Party

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