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Michelle Malkin on Bill and Hillary Clinton: ‘The Godparents of Victim-Shaming Smear Tactics’

Even as prominent Republicans including President Donald Trump and Senate candidate Roy Moore continue to deny accusations of sexual misconduct, some commentators are looking back 20 years to rehash similar claims against a powerful Democrat.

In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Monday, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin defended the discussion of serious allegations, including rape, that surfaced against former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

“This is not ancient history,” she said.

During the on-air conversation, Malkin predicted “liberal wheedlers” would be “out there asking, ‘Oh, why is Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin and (former Trump aide) Sebastian Gorka talking about Bill Clinton?’”

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She went on to assert that “so much of the mess we’re in now is a result and legacy of the Clinton victim smear machine.”

Referring to Bill and Hillary Clinton as the “godparents of victim-shaming smear tactics,” Malkin said the left’s behavior displays hypocrisy “thicker than Thanksgiving gravy.”

Malkin said that in the wake of numerous allegations against powerful men across several industries, the “liberal media journalists” who defended Clinton during his troubled final years in the White House are “tying themselves in yoga knots” to defend those actions.

She believes these journalists are trying to “reconcile their own roles and their own culpability in enabling the Clinton smears against all of his accusers and victims with the left-wing feminist ideology of believing all women.”

When criticizing Republicans like Trump or Moore, Malkin believes Democrats open themselves up to accusations of hypocrisy.

The Clinton scandals effectively demonstrate this perceived double standard, she said.

“It’s not revelation, it’s merely confirmation that the idea that we should believe all women has an exception,” she said.

Malkin concluded that her political adversaries “believe all women except when they are accusing liberal Democratic men and liberal Hollywood weirdos” and that “all women must be respected unless, of course, they’re female Republicans, conservatives, pro-lifers, stay-at-home moms and gun owners.”

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She said her own experience as a prominent female conservative has led her to this conclusion.

Women on the right, Malkin said, are “always treated as less than women, as less than human” by some partisans across the aisle.

Many on Twitter praised Malkin for her comments regarding the Clinton’s and the hypocrisy of the mainstream media.

“Oh my gosh, I LOVE Michelle Malkin. She is so inspiring!” wrote one Twitter user.

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