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Ryan Bundy Released From Prison

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Ryan Bundy Released From Prison

Ryan Bundy Released From Prison

by Shari Dovale

After a day filled with closed hearings, Ryan Bundy was released to a halfway house in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The day began with a hearing on evidence that was recently discovered. The prosecution has been trying to minimize the cameras that were placed overlooking the Bundy home, but even Judge Gloria Navarro could not discount the weight of this discovery.

It was testified to, in recent hearings, that up to 4 cameras may have been live streaming, and likely recording, the Bundy Ranch and their home prior to the protest om April 12, 2014. These cameras were being viewed in the Command Center, where Dan Love had his office, during the cattle rustling operation by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

AUSA Steven Myhre tried to lessen the impact of this evidence, but all indications were that he was caught not being completely forthright.

Additionally, the prosecution, just this weekend, released another 1,000 pages of discovery. Ryan Bundy made another argument for his release, as he has yet to be given this additional evidence. Tomorrow begins the opening arguments, and this man representing himself has not yet received all of the evidence.

Judge Navarro has made statements recently that she wanted Bundy on an equal footing with the other attorneys, yet could not get around the fact that Bundy was not receiving this vital information while he was incarcerated.

Navarro decided that today was the day. In order for Bundy to better prepare for his trial, he has been allowed release to a halfway house. After nearly 2 years, he was finally able to hug his wife and family.

His brother, Ammon Bundy, was given a release hearing later this afternoon. The prosecution argued that the younger Bundy brother was guilty of multiple violations from the detention center since he has been incarcerated. The violations include being in possession of evidence for his own case.

Navarro ruled that he was a danger to society and a flight risk, therefore he was denied release.

Opening arguments are scheduled for tomorrow morning, right after a change of plea hearing for fellow defendant Micah McGuire.


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