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Strategy from James Madison: Four Steps to Stop Federal Programs

Tenth Amendment Center: Strategy from James Madison: Four Steps to Stop Federal Programs

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A lot of people tell me their ideas on how to deal with the feds.

Some of them even recommend that TAC drop our entire strategy and instead go with theirs.  I’m not saying that none of their ideas have merit, but our primary strategy will continue to focus heavily on advice from James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution.”

Think of it this way.

The Constitution is like an owner’s manual for something in your home. While some of the jargon might be a little confusing, if you have questions, you should go to the people who wrote it for clarification.

Sure, James Madison doesn’t have a toll free number or live chat, but he wrote plenty about how to stop the federal government when it won’t follow the document he was so instrumental in writing.

In a paper known as Federalist #46, James Madison told us exactly what to do.  He provided a blueprint of sorts – a series of actions to effectively stop the feds.

Although we’ve published versions of this article for a few years now, I believe the educational significance behind it is timeless – that is, advice from the “Father of the Constitution” on how states and individuals should deal with federal overreach.

Please read it, share it, and apply it to issues of federal overreach that are important to you.

Thank you for reading, and for your support!

–Michael Boldin, TAC

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