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Update! VIDEO! Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock at anti-Trump Rally?

Update! 10-4-17

Much more has become known about the Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock.

It has now been confirmed that he was indeed a multi-millionaire.

Paddock had 23 guns in the room with him, had the room wired with surveillance cameras, wired $100K to the Philippines and reportedly converted to Islam some months ago.

ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the attack three times. CNN and the rest of the MSM have gone out of their way to “inform” the American public that they have , in fact, determined, in 36 hours, that Paddock has no links to international terrorism, yet they haven’t found a shred of evidence tying President Trump to Russian collusion in over 10 months.

I guess their investigative “journalists” really can find the truth when they want to, or are they lying in regards to Trump and Vegas?

Conspiratorial rumors (for funzies:)

There was a second shooter on the 10th floor.

Whether or not Paddock is the “pink shirt man” in the video below has yet to be determined.

Correction: We reported earlier that Stephen Paddock was registered as a Democrat in the State of Florida this has since been proven to be incorrect.

How a man gets to be 64 years old having been in the employ of the United States Postal Service, the IRS and Lockheed Martin and have no known political or religious affiliations is a mystery .



In the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas Sunday night that left 59 people dead and well over 500 wounded , much has been said about the potential motives of the shooter.

No official announcement has been made, but the internet is abuzz with citizen journalists looking for proof:

I don’t know about you, but that sure looks like him to me, standing behind an Asian woman who matches the description of this partner Marilou Danley and standing next to an unidentified woman.

Image result for danleyImage result for paddock

Details about Paddock are, to say the least, odd.

We know that Paddock was apparently a millionaire, a licensed pilot and owned 2 planes.

We know that Paddocks father was a serial bank robber in the 1960’s and spent 8 years on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Paddock spent approximately 6 months overseas last year.

He snuck 10 weapons, including fully automatic weapons (which have been illegal in the US since 1986) into a 32nd floor hotel room and shot up a concert which contained mainly, white Republicans.

Thus far, no concrete evidence of his political motivations have surfaced, although ISIS did claim responsibility for the attack, twice.

Paddock was a registered Democrat voter in the state of Florida.

Why does it matter if Paddock was an anti-Trump leftist or not, you might ask?

If Paddock was just crazy, the progressives will blame the NRA and gun laws. If he was a crazy leftist they have to blame CNN, MSNBC, Obama and Hillary’s Resistance, and by extension, themselves.

They have to admit their rhetoric is getting people killed and by their refusal to stop propagating said an ti-Trump, anti- American, anti-Christian rhetoric they are complicit in those deaths.

Conspiratorial? Maybe… but liberal, progressive juggernaut Mark Zuckerberg has already managed to remove posts from Facebook misidentifying Paddock as a leftist.

Isn’t it funny how their algorithm, that they are always so quick to blame for “mistakes”, realized it made a mistake so quickly, yet never seems to reject any content that claims Donald Trump is Hitler.

Pay attention to this story friends, it’s not just tragic, it’s weird and there are more than a few “grassy knoll” components that need to be sorted out.


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