Darrell Castle discusses Trump vs Comey, the Trump – Russia investigation, and what it all means for America.


Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s podcast. Today is Friday, May 19, 2017, and today we will be discussing the global empire that used to be America, but is now just the United States or as some have taken to calling it “the deep state.”

Every global empire has to have its secret police, and the United States is no exception. There are 16 different intelligence agencies all coming under the department of homeland security. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is one of those agencies. Its director is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The director of the FBI is, therefore, under the Executive branch and since the FBI is law enforcement, it also comes under the Department of Justice, making the FBI’s direct boss is the Attorney General of the United States who now is Jeff Sessions. Since it is one of the intelligence agencies the FBI is also responsible to the Director of National Security.

The President is free to fire the Director of the FBI anytime he wants to, but he does so at his own peril. Why, because not even Presidents can mess with the secret police. They know everything about everybody and everyone in Washington knows it. People in Washington who have been there awhile are all terrified of the secret police that know all their secrets and can deliver them up to the justice system or ensure their electoral defeat anytime they get out of line.

The FBI was formed in 1924 under the leadership of a Federal investigator named J. Edgar Hoover. Mr. Hoover made his reputation investigating those deemed “disloyal” during World War l. He ran the FBI from his appointment in 1924 until his death in 1972, so 48 years. During that time he built a revered agency that was admired by the American public because it was totally independent and was “untouchable.”

In reality, the FBI was an investigative agency, so it investigated. Apparently, it investigated everything and everybody, utterly intimidating Washington. Who doesn’t have some secret that he would not want revealed. Those in Washington who served for many years had long dossiers of misdeeds all chronicled by the FBI and held by Mr. Hoover. Harry Truman, who had many famous run ins with Mr. Hoover once said, “we want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction—this must stop.”

Many Presidents, if not all of them, wanted to fire Hoover but were intimidated by him, his popularity, and his dossiers. Both John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) had public disputes with him. I lived through those years and remember many of them. LBJ once famously said when deciding whether or not to fire Hoover “better to have him on the inside of the tent urinating out than on the outside of the tent urinating in.” Mr. Johnson used his own vernacular but I have to make this podcast acceptable to you.

More recently Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer D-NY in early January of this year, so weeks before the inauguration, on the Rachel Maddow show said, “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”. Every one of both parties is afraid –and intimidated.

President Trump has obviously had his problems with James B. Comey. Mr. Comey was appointed by Barack Hussein Obama on September 4, 2013 and served until fired by Donald Trump on May 9, 2017. When I heard that Trump had decided to let Comey continue after his inauguration I knew that was a mistake. He could have made a change just because he wanted to have his own people with him. Mr. Comey is not J. Edgar Hoover and he did not serve 48 years so firing him then would have been understandable and without controversy. Instead he foolishly let the security guard of the deep state ensconce himself even deeper into the furniture

I don’t know if the things being said about President Trump are true or not. I do know that the deep state investigates those who will not play their game and finds insufficient evidence to look at the rest who do play the game. If I had to say something good about him it would be that he is hated by all the right people. Oh how they hate him…in an unprecedented way so openly and so obvious anyone should be able to see right through it.

It is evident that the deep state needs enemies to keep its Global Empire funded and that Russia has been selected as the enemy of the day. Posing no real threat except for its fleet of aging ICBM’s Russia is apparently unwilling to play the one world game either. I had great hope that Trump could reach a rapprochement with Putin and put to rest some 100 years of conflict but that does not feed the insatiable desires of the deep state.

These people cooperate with and assist Saudi Arabia while demonizing Russia. They have been profiting greatly from the Saudi deals since Dr. Kissinger worked out the petro dollar arrangement with the Saudis in 1974. In the last couple of decades the Saudis have purchased about $200 billion dollars worth of weapons from American deep state arms companies.

The Saudis run a dictatorship with no elections. They behead people without trial for blasphemy, and adultery. Women can’t drive themselves in cars or appear in public with heads uncovered. They spend their oil wealth gained from American taxpayers to spread Wahabbi Jihadism across the Middle East and America. They fund thousands of radical Mosques in America to spew out terrorism and yet the deep state is in league with this ruling family of dictators because of its lust for money and power.

A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the Russian crimes without any evidence. No prosecutor for Benghazi, for fast and furious, for IRS targeting conservatives, for Clinton emails, for Clinton’s uranium deal, for Lorretta Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton, but we have one for Trump-Russia. Who is that prosecutor—he is Robert Mueller, 12 years as director of the FBI. With wide “bipartisan support” what could possibly be wrong with this. The real purpose of Mr. Mueller is to keep controversy going through 2018 in an effort to ensure the election of candidates acceptable to the deep state.

So what is this global empire or deep state about then? To me it seems to be a scheme concocted by the richest people in the world to destroy the working classes and middle classes by way of financial imperialism. Along the way they intend to destroy majority cultures and biological human differences through the dishonest and concocted ruse of multiculturalism and diversity all to satisfy their own lust for control and for power and wealth. To assist them in their quest to purchase and control the whole world they have the full 100% cooperation of the worldwide corporate media which has become nothing more than a propaganda arm of financial imperialists.

Unfortunately, there are still many desperate people listening in their homes and believing what comes out of those boxes in their living rooms to be true because they simply don’t know any better. They are the willing prisoners of the deep state. They tried to resist in the most recent election and at first it seemed to work but the deep state doesn’t care what people want or need.

Trump defeated the deep state candidates and won the election. For that crime the entire global empire and its media arm has declared war on his administration and intends to drive him from office. I obviously did not support Donald Trump or wanted to see him elected since I was a candidate opposed to him, but I find it very distressing when I hear a person from my Constitutional side of the political spectrum long for a Mike Pence Presidency. The Trump election was Main Street’s attempt to arrest the ever-growing power of the deep state and turn the new global empire back into a republic. Trump’s impeachment and the inauguration of Pence would seal the deep state’s victory and let them all know that everything is the way it’s supposed to be again. All those rubes in fly-over country are back where they belong.

Is it too late to save this administration? I don’t think it is. What Trump did with the Russians was apparently perfectly reasonable and acceptable. That is; look just be patient until inauguration and perhaps we can talk about reducing sanctions in return for Syrian, and North Korean cooperation, etc. It’s exactly what Reagan did with Iran when the hostages were there before his inauguration and it’s what Obama did with these same Russians just before his re-election as was revealed on a hot mike

What could be done then? Maybe nothing, maybe it’s too late, but if he called and asked for my advice I would say something like this: Mr. President – number one–you must shut up. That is– shut your mouth and try bringing a little dignity back to the office. Close your Twitter account and stop crawling into the gutter with swine. Let others defend you and they will if you deserve it. Don’t let yourself be pulled down to their level anymore, and that is not negotiable, if you are to survive.

Second, –fire all your relatives and their relatives. Your wife is doing a great job as first lady so just be happy with that. The American people resent seeing your daughter and other celebrities being paid to give advice they are not qualified to give. If you want their input pick up the phone but get them out of the White House right now.

Third, read the Psalms Mr. President, especially 63 and 64—you’ll be glad you did.

Fourth, let’s get to work; we’ve got a country to save.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time, this is Darrell Castle

Thanks for listening.