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Constitution Party is Fundraising for Judge Roy Moore



Lancaster, PA  (November 21, 2017) – The Constitution Party ( today publicly announced that it will start a fundraising drive for the campaign of Judge Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate race.

In making this announcement, the Constitution Party indicated that the decision to provide a fundraising effort on behalf of Roy Moore was required because they felt that recent efforts of the media, and especially the Republican Party, was a direct effort to circumvent the voters of Alabama and to orchestrate an outcome that fitted with their own agenda.

Frank Fluckiger, Constitution Party Chairman, stated: “We have no official stance on the innocence or guilt of Judge Roy Moore.  We simply feel that there has not been enough time to establish either and for anyone to arbitrarily assign guilt to Mr. Moore without providing the time to consider all the evidence is both irresponsible and suspicious.”

Fluckiger further stated, “Judge Roy Moore was the clear choice of the people of Alabama to represent them in United States Senate. It was also clear that the GOP leadership did not like this decision”. The Constitution Party Executive Committee decided to raise funds through their party to assist Judge Moore and to allow the people of Alabama to make a fair and reasonable decision on who they would like to represent them.

“This is an issue about fairness, due process, and for allowing the people of Alabama to decide who best represents their values and rights in the U.S. Senate.”, stated Gary Welch, National Communications Director for the Constitution Party. “We feel that the actions of the GOP leadership were a direct effort to circumvent the election process and allow time for Roy Moore to properly investigate these claims and to refute the allegations made against him.”

The Constitution Party has started a Fundraising Campaign “Fair Judgement For Judge Moore” as part of their effort to ensure that Roy Moore will continue to be able to receive the funds necessary to carry out his campaign while he is defending himself against the charges made against him.

The Constitution Party has set up a website for accepting donations. The link to this website is:

For more information about the fundraising efforts of the Constitution Party on behalf of Roy Moore or to donate to the fund, please visit

You can also contact us at


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