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Socialist ministers cry “murder” over tax cuts, ignore abortions right down the road

[The American Vision]
Socialist ministers cry “murder” over tax cuts, ignore abortions right down the road |

Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners and his associate Socialist druids were arrested in the U.S. Senate office building last Friday, quoting the Old Testament prophets and threatening judgment upon Senators over the monumental offense of . . .

. . . tax cuts?

That’s right. Tax cuts.

At one point in the demonstration, one of the priestesses declared, “Senators, we put you on notice: your souls are in danger, and this is your final warning”—as if any single one of these liberal theologians really believed in a final judgment.

Then, one of them read from Isaiah: “you are a city full of murderers” (Isa. 1:21).

The comedy rivals Mel Brooks. Costumed activists declaring tax cuts “murder” because they may cut into welfare and wealth redistribution programs. Most stop this!


Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is one mile down the road, and the Jim Wallis parade is nowhere to be found.

Here is a map of places where actual murders are taking place within the same vicinity, every day, multiple times a day:

Where is Sojourners with their Bibles? Where are the demonstrations? Where are even their articles against these actual murderers?

But if you threaten to take only one-fifth instead of one-third of corporate profits, these silent liberals cry bloody murder. Literally.

Abortion? Shh. Private property? Hush. Private contracts? Pfft. Sodomy? Shush! Free speech for bakers and photographers? Zip it.

Tax cuts? Whoa!!! Suddenly Jesus and the prophets matter. Miracles take place, too: the mute speak!

Wallis even features the Bible in his headline: “Warning! Senate Is NSFBR (Not Safe for Bible Readers)”

He says, he and his robed actors were “arrested for reading Bible verses.” Actually, they were arrested for protesting in a government building without a permit.

Wallis knew this in advance. They knew they would get arrested. They could easily have applied for a permit. They did not get one. They would have gotten arrested if they had read Newsweek. They did not get arrested for reading Bible verses. Jim Wallis is lying.

But hey, Sojourners is Socialist. When your entire ministry is based upon institutionalized theft, what’s a little lie on top of it? What’s a white lie to organized crime?

And meanwhile, this Socialist-preaching organization, so intensely concerned for the poor and for income inequality, pays Jim Wallis $200,000 a year. Soak the rich, I say! And the gullible, guilt-ridden Christians, too.

If you’d like to explore the Bible’s case against Socialism and in favor of free markets and freedom, please see this author’s God vs. Socialism: A Biblical Critique of the New Social Gospel.

If you’d like to explore the fraud that is Jim Wallis, see this list of questions written for him (he has yet to answer a single one).

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