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Delaware Considers Letting Students Pick Their Own Race and Gender |

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Delaware is pondering whether to allow students to “pick their race and gender.” That’s right, race and gender. And then hide this from their parents. Silly as it sounds, this is what’s happening in some of our schools.

I’m Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, joining me is Matt Barber, the Founder of, and Holly Meade, the Director of Communications for Liberty Counsel.

Mat Staver: Well, all students enrolled in a Delaware public school may self-identify gender or race, that’s according to regulation 225. It says that “this information will be maintained in official records” but the parents don’t have to know about it. And that if your child is a, or you’re trans-race or trans-gender, then you will find support in the school.

Unbelievable Matt!

So now they’re contemplating that you can pick your gender and your race. We knew that before we said “you know, you can’t choose your race, you’re born with it” that if you can so-called “choose your gender” then you could choose your race…

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