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Ryan Payne Released in Bunkerville Standoff

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Ryan Payne Released in Bunkerville Standoff

Ryan Payne Released in Bunkerville Standoff

by Shari Dovale

Ryan Payne, the president of the Montana 3 % group, has been released from incarceration after nearly 2 years.

Payne was arrested from the traffic stop on Highway 395 outside of Burns, Oregon on January 26, 2016. This is the same stop in which the FBI implemented an illegal “Dead-man’s Roadblock” which ultimately lead to the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

First held on charges related to the Malheur Refuge Protest, Payne was eventually moved to Nevada to face charges related to his involvement with the Bunkerville Standoff in 2014.

That trial has been underway for several weeks. The prosecution in the case has begun to unravel as the defense teams shine light on the misconduct of the government.

Though she had originally dug in her heels to keep all the defendants incarcerated, just this week, after more prosecutorial misconduct seems to have been brought to her attention, Judge Gloria Navarro has ordered the release of the defendants.

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Ryan Bundy was released a couple of weeks ago, on the eve of testimony in the case. Ammon Bundy was released yesterday, and Ryan Payne has been released today.

Payne still faces sentencing on charges in Oregon, hence Judge Anna Brown having to weigh in on the decision to release Payne, however, it has been done.

Payne walked out the front door of the Federal courthouse in Las Vegas today to a crowd of supporters, family and friends.

Additionally, it seems to be in the works for the remaining defendants, that are still awaiting trial, to be released, possibly as soon as next week.

Cliven Bundy originally chose to decline release until all of the defendants obtained their freedom. He is a man pf principle and will not walk away from any of the 19 people that were arrested for standing with him.

The court is currently on recess until December 11th.


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Ryan Payne Released in Bunkerville Standoff

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