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January 2018

House Republicans Move to Strengthen Iran Nuclear Deal

House Republicans on Thursday announced legislation to alter the Iran nuclear deal after President Donald Trump threatened to terminate the agreement when it comes up for recertification in April if lawmakers failed to toughen its provisions. The post House Republicans Move to Strengthen Iran Nuclear Deal appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]

January 21, 2018

Love Saves Lives: Trump Addresses 45th Annual March for Life

The world’s largest and most renowned pro-life event left its footprint on the nation’s capitol once again on Friday. The 45th annual March for Life welcomed tens of thousands from all over the country to peacefully protest and recognize the millions of unborn lives senselessly sacrificed at the altar of abortion. Though an occasion for grave reflection, the event typically evokes an energy and excitement in its participants. This year’s gathering was no exception, especially with the mild temperatures and sunshine. Lively chants, songs and rosaries could be heard as the groups moved along the National Mall with myriad banners, stopping... [...]

January 21, 2018

GOP Congressmen: FISA Memo Would Destroy Mueller Probe if Made Public

On the heels of both houses of Congress reauthorizing section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), it has been reported that an “explosive,” “shocking,” “troubling” and “alarming” four-page memo was made available to members of the House of Representatives after they voted to approve that reauthorization. The memo details systemic and routine abuses of FISA — leading many in the House to condemn those abuses and say that the memo should be made available to the public. There are also indications that the memo would destroy both the Mueller probe and allegations that President Trump colluded with Russia. ... [...]

January 20, 2018

Bad People And Good Art

In 2013, the film version of Orson Scott Card's 1985 novel Ender's Game was released, and at the movie's preview, the actor Harrison Ford was asked by a reporter how he could appear in a film based on a book by an author who opposed same-sex marriage. The post Bad People And Good Art appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]

January 20, 2018

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