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Kinsey, Hefner Created and Still Drive the Sex Trafficking Demand |
By Dr. Judith Reisman & Mary McAlister, Esq. – Barbwire guest contributors
As is true with any contagion, the effort to prevent and eradicate the current epidemic of infant and child sex trafficking must begin with identifying the source of the outbreak. In this case, that means going back 70 years to “patient zero,” Dr. Alfred Kinsey, and his most virulent purveyor, Hugh Hefner.
Fulfilling his promise to be “Kinsey’s pamphleteer” after reading the Kinsey report in 1948, Hefner, a virgin like most college guys, launched Playboy magazine, and the modern multi-billion dollar pornography industry, in 1953.
Indiana University gall-wasp zoologist Alfred C. Kinsey’s reports on Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948), and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953) are credited with launching both the “sexual revolution” and the GLBT revolution.
Kinsey, claimed sexual “conduct,” womb to tomb is normal and harmless if freed from puritanical notions. Kinsey further claimed that “children are sexual from birth” thus are unharmed, but helped by sex with adults so long as parents and other adults curb their hysteria.
That assumption, which became the foundation for cultural transformation was based upon data in five tables in the Kinsey report
which purported to document infants and children from 2 months to 14 years old stimulated to “orgasm,” sometimes in around the clock experimentation, see Table 34.
In 1981, I exposed Kinsey’s (.dec) “data” in the tables as records of serial child sexual abuse by “trained” pedophiles. Nevertheless his books and the idea that “children are sexual from birth” took hold in the legal, academic, scientific and media communities.
Educated elites pushed for fundamental transformation of societal institutions based on the new “scientific” findings of Dr. Kinsey and his team.
Hefner, Kinsey’s “pamphleteer,” almost immediately began grooming his Playboy audience with visual demonstrations that children are sexual from birth. He argued, in cartoons, text, and photographs, that young children are unharmed, helped, by early sex and seek sexual activity.
At left is one of his first “political” arguments for a change in the child sex laws; a November 1954 black and white cartoon. Is the diapered toddler soliciting a prostitute—perhaps a mom?
A decade later Playboy’s consumers were exposed to additional sexual politics, cartoons of little girls molested by fairy tale creatures.
By the 1970s millions of users had viewed full-color vignettes and photos promoting adult and child rape/incest.
As documented in my peer approved report, Images of Children, Crime & Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler, a US Department of Justice grant, by 1971, Playboy reached its zenith of 16 child images monthly.
In all, my team catalogued 6,004 child cartoons, illustrations and photos, merging with 14,854 adult crime and violence and over 50,000 nude, adult female images, imprinting brains, minds, and memories 1953 through 1985. With exposure of my 1985 report, child images have largely vanished.
Females were cartooned ridiculing men (and boys) as impotent, with genitals too small or impossibly huge.
Cartoons, photos offered child and adult prostitution/pornography, incest, pseudo lesbians, rape, gang rape, sadism, occult sacrifice, harassment, adultery, bestiality, drugging, and kidnapping, etc.
These scenarios were always presented as normal and humorous.
In a 1972 cartoon, a naked child tells a man with his pants unbuttoned that her “Teddy” bear charges $40. Playboy posed nine-year-old Brooke Shields oiled and naked in its book Sugar ‘n Spice (1976).
The April 1976 Playboy cover featured a large breasted woman displayed as a child in her rocking chair dressed in little girl Mary Jane shoes, white tights, a little girl hairdo and pout. One large breast pops out of her white pinafore as she clings to her “bunny”.
The March 1996 cover featured a stripper “school girl” in a Catholic school uniform very like those worn by three kidnapped, raped, murdered Canadian schoolgirls. While held by a pedophile couple, the girls were forced to strip for the sadists’ camera. The pair were tried, convicted and sentenced shortly before Playboy’s issue was conveniently sold in Canada.
In 1953 great granddad was wholly unaware he was being reprogrammed with a new morality inherited by his children, down to their children, unto the generations.
He would see women and children as sex instruments used, discarded, and laughed at month by month. In 2006 the New York Times reported on Cells That Read Minds:
Mirror neurons reveal how children learn…why watching media violence may be harmful and why many men like pornography…..mirror neurons are powerfully activated by pornography….when a man watches another man have sexual intercourse with a woman, the observer’s mirror neurons spring into action. The vicarious thrill of watching sex, it turns out, is not so vicarious after all.
Viewing such media is not merely a vicarious thrill, but a powerful stimuli that instantiates the same brain regions activated when engaging in the activity.
“I feel your pain. Social emotions like guilt, shame, pride, embarrassment, disgust and lust are based on a uniquely human mirror neuron system found in a part of the brain called the insula.”
But, if I feel your pain at rejection, I also feel your excitement at sexual arousal—heterosexual, homosexual, or pedophilic–as my own. Such “felt” emotions have led folks to make tragic, misleading decisions about what they interpret is their “natural” sexual nature.
When one observes a scene of sexual intercourse, adult, bestial, teen or young child, the observer’s mirror neurons imprint mental “mirroring” of the observed behavior (often recalled decades later).
Hefner’s Playboy visual channeling of Kinsey’s sexual theories, operated inevitably as a social contagion. It spread sexual objectification from one generation to the next and the next, as sexual images became the stimulus for massive imitative actions of others.
This contagion now infects public and parochial school libraries, classroom videos, books, lectures and teachers themselves. Of course, despite the financial success of family, nonsexual films, over that of sex and sadism, movie moguls, including Disney continue to deliver sadosexual cinematic fare, even when directed by known pedophiles, since roughly the 1960s.
As the contagion metastasized, so has the demand for more and younger “units”, subjects to maintain the novelty and excitement necessary to attain the desired itch/arousal. The result is the epidemic of infant and child sex pornography/trafficking that is plaguing society. Stopping the epidemic means rooting out, revealing and destroying its poisonous roots.
Mainstream pornography, produced by our wealthiest nations creates a social contagion dehumanizing women and children of every race, religion, and nationality. Pornography, “sexually explicit media” “erotica” “or “erototoxins” in turn create an increasingly toxic “demand” for sex victims.
Dr. Judith Reisman is former principal investigator for the U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention study of child sexual abuse and crimes suborned by “soft” pornography, and author of several books, the newest of which is “Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America.” More is available at Reisman’s website.
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