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Liberal Fear-Mongers Push Anti-Constitution Agenda

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Liberal Fear-Mongers Push Anti-Constitution Agenda

Liberal Fear-Mongers Push Anti-Constitution Agenda

Editorial by Shari Dovale

Last week, Bunkerville defendant Eric Parker attended a rally in Boise, Idaho to protest the proposal of an Article V Convention, or Convention of States. The rally was reportedly attended by the Idaho 3%, the ACLU, and Planned Parenthood.

While visiting the capitol, Parker discussed his position about the proposed convention with lawmakers, as constituents are encouraged to do. As he sat and watched the House session, he was introduced by Rep. Dorothy Moon. It is typical of many Representatives to introduce visiting constituents to the House, and the Elected officials acknowledge them in return.

Federal Agents, Bunkerville, NV 2014

Parker was one of several Idaho citizens to be caught up in the Bunkerville Standoff trials. After 2 mistrials were declared in his case, over 50 Idaho legislators came to his defense in the form of a letter to the US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, asking for the Department of Justice to step in and stop what was proving to be a great miscarriage of justice.

Later, Parker and co-defendant Scott Drexler agreed to plead to misdemeanors to avoid a third trial. After having spent nearly 2 years in jail, more time than the misdemeanor charges called for, Parker and Drexler went home to their families.

Judge Gloria Navarro recently declared a mistrial in that case and dismissed the charges from four defendants entirely, based on the Court finding that “the government willfully failed to disclose potentially exculpatory, favorable and material information.”

The Federal prosecutors, lead by Steven Myhre, willfully lied and hid important information, not just from the defense but from the court, as well. This information could have easily led to not guilty verdicts by the jury.

But, the liberal left, that promotes a big overgrown government, is throwing fits over the dismissal. They have doubled down on the talking points the government has been promoting for nearly 4 years.

Heavily armed Federal Snipers over-looking protesters, Bunkerville 2014

In a recent article by a known left-leaning paper, they filled an article with what some would call out-and-out lies, and others would call sadly uninformed.

Beginning with belly-aching that the lawmakers made a fuss over Parker being in the gallery, they seemed to think that this individual should have been singled out, not by being acknowledged, but by being ignored. They continued their rant with falsehoods and attacks.

Trying to claim that Cliven Bundy still owes over a million dollars in grazing fees, it is noticed that this “news” source never produces a single document proving this bill. It was shown during the trials that there were no million dollar fees. The only money in dispute was trespass fees of less than $9,000, with administrative fees of about $280,000. Far less than the continued lies by the progressive talking points

Additionally, the article claimed that 1,000 armed men went to Bunkerville at the request of Cliven Bundy. Even the BLM, while they cried on the stand, couldn’t make that claim. At best, they can say maybe 200 protesters were in the wash that day, with more than double that amount of Federal Agents. But, even counting them together, they wont reach the 1,000 men number the liberal provocateurs have said.

They continue to claim that Cliven lied about being under assault by the federal government, though it was proven in court that heavily armed agents and snipers were watching the Bundy family. Armed Federal  agents were in Bunkerville setting up for a war long before any call was made by the Bundy’s.

Without apology, the liberal media continues to attack anyone that defends the Constitution. Another recent article attempted to vilify Bundy supporters by suggesting they treat the US Constitution as if it were their Bible. They imply that Cliven Bundy is a cult leader. And it goes on, and on…

The biased media pushes gun control by saying anyone exercising their 2nd amendment rights are terrorists, and guns are only there to threaten people.

The liberal progressives want to stop Freedom of Speech, except for them. They want to stop Freedom of the Press, except for the select government propaganda sites. They want to stop freedom of religion, except for their favorites.

And they want to change the US Constitution to be more “Democratic”. They want the Constitution to be fundamentally changed, and the country along with it. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Cliven Bundy, Paradise MT

The truth is, the US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land. Those that ridicule this idea are the real lawbreakers.

Parker, and those like him, only ask that the Federal government respect that document, as they previously promised to do.

The Constitution does not give anyone any rights. Neither does the government. Rights are God-given, bestowed upon you from birth. The Constitution only guarantees that the government will recognize those rights.

Despite this, the Federal government has gotten so big that they have lost their way. They have forgotten that the Founders had put a system in place that intended to keep the government in check.

There are many that believe the government knows better than they do. They wish the government would continue making their decisions for them, and for everyone else. They have forgotten how to take care of themselves or how to provide for their families.

They need someone to tell them what to do, and when to do it. What to eat, and how to cook it. They cannot question things, such as vaccines or laws. They no longer understand religion. They have forgotten how to think for themselves.

They have become lazy, and resent anyone that is not. They have become dependent, and resent anyone that is self-sufficient.

And to justify their indolent attitude, they must force their beliefs on the rest of the Country. They cannot just live, and let live. They must make everyone as miserable as they seem to be.

This is Socialism.

And this is why Eric Parker went to the Capitol in Boise to protest changing the US Constitution.

Idaho 3% with Legislators during Anti-Convention of States Rally in Boise.

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Liberal Fear-Mongers Push Anti-Constitution Agenda

Liberal Fear-Mongers Push Anti-Constitution Agenda

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