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Samantha Bee Announces Two-Week ‘Romp Around the Globe’ to ‘Apologize’ for Trump


Comedienne Samantha Bee announced Wednesday a “two-week romp around the globe to try to make amends” for any “deeply embarrassing thing” President Donald Trump has said.

“We’ll go anywhere an apology is needed,” Bee tweeted.

The host of TBS’ “Full Frontal” added, “Hint: it’s a lot of places.”

In a video announcing the “Full Frontal Apology Race,” a spoof of CBS’ “The Amazing Race,” she indicated the tour was starting in New York City.

“This is New York City and an entire city of people who hate him. It is the starting line for the Full Frontal Apology Race!” Bee announced.

“For the next two weeks my correspondents will travel the globe to apologize for every garbage thing Donald Trump does,” she said.

The late-night host proceeded to list groups the team might be “forced” to apologize to.

“His poor impulse control might force us to go apologize to Korea, the entire Muslim world, or some rando,” Bee said.

The comedienne introduced the “contestants” and encouraged viewers to tune in for the “dramatic finale” on Jan. 24.

Bee has been an outspoken critic of Trump, and earlier this month expressed confidence she would be sweeping the president’s “Fake News” awards.

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