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Conway: Kelly’s Job Not in Jeopardy, Trump Has ‘Full Faith’ in Him


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that President Donald Trump has “full faith” in Chief of Staff John Kelly and his job is not in jeopardy for his handling of domestic abuse accusations against a senior aide.

White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned last week after his two ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse during their marriages. Porter did not have a permanent security clearance due to the abuse allegations coming up in his federal background check.

Kelly came under fire after reports that he knew about Porter’s abuse allegations months ago and did not remove him. Kelly issued a statement of support after the initial Daily Mail article about Porter’s alleged abuse, and he said he was “shocked” by the charges made by Porter’s former wives.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Conway if Kelly’s job was in jeopardy as a result.

“No,” Conway said. “I spoke to the president last night. I told him I’d be with you today, and he said, ‘Please tell Jake that I have full faith in Chief of Staff John Kelly, and that I’m not actively searching for replacements.’ He said, ‘I saw that all over the news today, I have faith in him.’ And he does.”

The New York Times reported Kelly had privately offered to resign if Trump so desired, although Kelly told reporters he had not offered to quit.

Conway said it was a “blessing” to be at the White House and anyone who didn’t feel that way shouldn’t be there.

“He says that General Kelly is doing a great job, and that he has full faith in him, and I think he looks at the full measure of all of us,” she said.

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