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Donny Deutsch: Shooting Victims’ Parents Should Tell Trump ‘We Don’t Want You’


On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday, panelist Donny Deutsch interrupted host Mika Brzezinski between news stories to say that President Donald Trump should not visit victims of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting.

Deutsch’s comments came after NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander gave an unrelated update on Steve Bannon’s cooperation with Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

“Bannon was there yesterday for more of his House Intelligence Committee meetings–More than two dozen questions that were negotiated between the White House and the intelligence committee’s counsel. Mika?” Alexander said.

“All right, NBC New’s Peter Alexander. Thank you very much,” Brzezinski said as Deutsch interrupted.

“Mika, I’m just wondering, just in terms of Trump going down there,” the “Morning Joe” contributor said in reference to Florida. “I hope those parents those poor parents say to him, ‘we don’t want you. Don’t come, Mr. President.'”

“I think he’ll be asked questions about, I just think he needs to be ready to hear about it,” Brzezinski offered.

“If I was any one of those parents, I would take it as an insult if he showed up,” Deutsch said.

“Well Peter mentioned the Steve Bannon development,” Brzezinski said, seemingly eager to change the subject.

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