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The Assault on American Males in General, Trump in Particular, Continues |
The poisonous progressive Left and its rabid feminist cadre are back at it again. First we had to contend with the mostly false allegations of sexual abuse against any man supportive of President Trump’s pro-America agenda. Now we must endure the “domestic abuse” show.Every reasoning person in this nation accepts that domestic abuse (against women, men, or children) is bad, and it is detrimental to the nation’s survival. We need only look at the cultures that embrace Islam to comprehend the validity of this fact. Non-Christian cultures lack the admonitions that biblical scriptures provide against harming fellow humans: men against women; women against men; and anybody against children, animals and other helpless beings.In regard to the current case involving domestic abuse charges against former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, most reasoning people would also accept that Representative Trey Gowdy and his congressional committee are wise to inquire into security vetting procedures. It is imperative that people at Mr. Porter’s high level of executive involvement display good judgment.But what we have today in our rotted, man-hating culture is a concerted effort to destroy President Donald Trump, using whatever means feminists and the Left can conjure up. He is, after all, the consummate male and for that they fear him.As with the trumped-up charges of sexual abuse filling the news cycles a few weeks ago, I am inclined not to put much store in the current domestic abuse noise. The people pushing the narrative have sinister, ulterior motives.A good example of these oh-so-obvious motives can be found in the response to President Trump’s tweet of a few days ago, regarding Rob Porter.The tweet is from February 10, 2018 and it reads:Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 10, 2018The insanity that followed this tweet among the mediocre media (including Fox News) and like-minded leftists was revealing, to say the least. Several commentators lamented that President Trump had not been forceful enough in condemning domestic violence.A reasonable person can assume President Trump is making the case for the other side of the issue, because that side is seldom spoken for in the media or among the elitist political class. None of us on the outside of the Porter legal investigations knows all there is to know. Therefore, none of us can reach conclusions one way or the other. A picture of a blackened eye is not enough. Proof lies in the details of what transpired in any given situation of abuse.One can readily compare the leftist response to alleged domestic abuse with the sexual abuse cases. Media, weak-kneed Republican politicians, and of course the progressive leftist Democrats immediately jumped on the bandwagon with the female accusers in every case of reported sexual abuse. In Judge Moore’s situation, it was acutely obvious that women had been dredged up for the sole purpose of scuttling his chance to join the Senate. Judge Moore would have provided another vote for President Trump’s America-first agenda.President Trump’s attempts to bring balance to the discussion of his beleaguered aide were met with the same, lame accusation as when he was accused of not being forceful enough in condemning sexual abuse. Can we see a pattern, here? I can.The Olympian Shaun White is another example of a clear attack on men, using the canard of men’s perpetual abuse of women.The young Mr. White characterized harassment allegations against him, which the media have recently glommed on to, as “gossip.” But that term didn’t meet the standard of groveling required by the media and feminists. In fact, that term shows defiance, a natural attribute of young men. (I wish more old men were as defiant in face of the Left.)If Shaun White thinks he’s not guilty of allegations, whatever they are, his choice of words to describe those allegations (gossip, hearsay, whichever term fits) is solely up to him. Yet again, the media narrative is that his choice of words means he is not sensitive enough toward the subject of abuse. I ask, sensitive enough for whom? I and many others don’t have a problem with his response.Examples of this man-hating madness are many and have been thoroughly documented in reports of leftist behavior. We all need to take heed of the feminist poison that is destroying any possibility of men and women living together in this nation, in peace. I lay much of the blame for this sick state of affairs, however, at the feet of American men.You, men of America, must wake up to the fact that you have been shoved into a box wherein you can be controlled. That box, called “political correctness,” must be crushed if our culture is to have any hope of survival.By God’s design, you were given the role of leadership in the affairs of humankind. Leadership requires strength and the will to fight. It’s obvious that you (real American men of all ethnicities) have a target on your backs and many shots are being hurled at you from the Left: from feminists, from men who want to be women, from men who play the role of women in matters of sex, all set on your destruction.You need to start returning fire, and if your fighting back bruises the feelings of females beholden to progressive leftism and the sexually broken, so be it.This nation needs you and patriotic women will stand beside you in the fight, but you must do the leading. If you don’t, the nation that you will leave your sons and grandsons will be a shell of what your forefathers passed on to you. It’s time to give it some serious thought, because we are losing the very concept of manliness.© Sylvia Thompson 2/16/2018The post The Assault on American Males in General, Trump in Particular, Continues appeared first on

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