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March 2018

States Working to Restore Sound Money

VIDEO - A growing number of American states are taking action to restore sound money, reports correspondent Alex Newman for The New American. Among the recent victories in the ongoing battle was Alabama, where a new law removed taxes on gold and silver. Before that, Texas passed a law creating a state depository for gold bullion and other precious metals to help sideline the Federal Reserve in commerce. Utah kicked off the trend in 2011, when it declared gold and silver to be legal tender in the state. With the central bank's fiat currency constantly depreciating, and the monetary system becoming... [...]

March 31, 2018

Running for Okla. Governor, Dan Fisher Vows Abortion-Free State

Pastor and former lawmaker Dan Fisher is running for governor of Oklahoma with a bold mission as the centerpiece of his platform: Making the Sooner State abortion free by protecting life, in defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court's unconstitutional Roe v. Wade opinion. If elected, the minister turned statesman also vowed to work with the legislature to audit and rein in government, while getting the feds out of the classroom and working to restore local control of education. His campaign platform is summed up nicely with the slogan ASAP, which stands for “Abolish abortion,” “State sovereignty,” “Audit everything,” and “Proper government.”... [...]

March 31, 2018

Climate-change Claptrap

Marc Morano explains in his new book how media and scientists on a mission have dented logic, banged around facts, crashed careers, and disappeared disagreements. ... [...]

March 31, 2018

The Harrowing of Hell

The best way I've found to put the question is this: Are the Gates of Hell broken in, or broken out? Did Christ on Holy Saturday descend to Hell in his glory as the risen king, smashing the gates in as he strode forth to claim the souls of the patriarchs and prophets? Or did he ascend from the depths of Hell in his Resurrection, gathering up the souls around him and breaking open Hell from the inside as he ascended into Heaven? The post The Harrowing of Hell appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]

March 31, 2018

TOPIC: Why the Blood of Christ Cleanses Sin?

We at The Christian Worldview hope you have a meaningful Easter weekend, remembering this “Good Friday” how Jesus Christ willingly offered His spotless life on the cross to pay God’s just death penalty for our sin, and then on “Resurrection Sunday” how He rose victoriously from the grave, proving God’s wrath... [...]

March 31, 2018

The Waco Tragedy: 25 Years Later

Despite years of justifications and denials by the ATF and FBI, it is apparent not only that the assault on the sect was unprovoked, but that government leaders were at fault. ... [...]

March 31, 2018

The Principled Purge

KrisAnne Hall – Liberty First University | KrisAnne & JC put Principle over Party to create today’s show to disprove the lies and arm you with the truth that [...]

March 31, 2018

Donald J. Trump, Omnibus, and the WALL

For God-fearing, Liberty-Loving Patriots Donald J. Trump, Omnibus, and the WALL By Jacque Guinan Has Donald J Trump “Betrayed his Base” with the signing of the Omnibus [...]

March 31, 2018

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