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Hastings, Nebraska Graduation

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Hastings, Nebraska Graduation |

Hastings, Nebraska Graduation
We had two American View Constitution course graduations in Hastings, NE on Monday, March 26 and Tuesday, March 27. The first was made up of students in the South Central Christian Home Educators Association (SCCHEA) homeschool co-op. They completed the first 6 lessons last fall, and completed the last 6 lessons in the spring to receive their certificates.The second was of a group who began the class on January 9. The class came about because, after looking over their kids’ shoulders at the homework they were doing, a few of the moms in the homeschool co-op asked me if I would teach the class in the evenings so families could attend together. Approximately 35 people (not all pictured) consistently attended the Tuesday night classes, and graduated last night.
It was a wonderful experience for all. We so very much appreciated the course, and now feel empowered to affect positive change in our nation, by God’s grace. (One participant in the Tuesday night class even decided to run for the Nebraska state legislature!) Thank you so much for the important work you do!
-Stephanie Shade

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Hastings, Nebraska Graduation

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