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McCaskill Mocked for Wrongly Saying Missouri Removed Iconic Part of Its Football Stadium

Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill / Getty Images


Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) took to Twitter Saturday to lament the loss of an iconic feature of the University of Missouri’s Memorial Stadium but faced mockery for missing the fact that it was still there.

The picture that McCaskill saw showed construction in the south end zone, but she thought it showed the north end zone where the famous rock “M” would have been removed, according to the Kansas City Star. McCaskill’s confusion about the white “M” led to her declaring its presumed disappearance made her “kinda sad.”

“This photo makes me kinda sad. I grew up watching Mizzou games from the ‘rocks.’ I know it’s progress but still gonna be weird to be at Faurot without the white M. @Mizzou,” McCaskill tweeted.

T.J. Moe, a former University of Missouri wide receiver, ridiculed the senator on his podcast Monday for her tweet showing the south end zone’s construction but regretting the supposed loss of the “M.”

Moe read comments on his podcast “The Hardline” from Mizzou fans mocking McCaskill for not knowing the difference between the two end zones.

“It’s just like Claire to be looking so far left she has no idea what’s going on to the right of her,” said Moe, who was reading off comments to his post about McCaskill’s tweets.

Moe, who said that his mockery of McCaskill was about her “lack of direction” rather than about her politics, also talked about the McCaskill tweets on his weekly “Take No Offense” podcast. He did a recap of various Tigers fans “roasting” McCaskill for the tweet.

The University of Missouri’s Twitter account responded a few hours later, telling her not to be “sad” about the rocks because they are “fine.”

McCaskill tried to explain her confusion by saying that the south end zone had already been redone recently.

“So I was quickly informed this is the south end construction. Whew. But wait I thought we just redid that end a few years ago? @Mizzou,”  McCaskill tweeted.

She was incorrect about that as well. Per the Star‘s report:

Before the 2013 season, Mizzou renovated the press box and moved the “M” closer to the field prior and started expansion on the east side a year later. The south end zone project is scheduled to be finished on Aug. 30, 2019.

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