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Chris Matthews: Republicans, Especially Republican Men, ‘Are All Programmed A Certain Way’


MSNBC host Chris Matthews laid out his stereotype of Republicans on Tuesday, saying they are all “told” to act in a certain way and all behave “basically the same.”

Matthews asked during Tuesday’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” if the Republican Party had a cultural problem and proceeded to describe the party’s members.

“Republicans are told ‘read the Wall Street Journal, play golf, and talk about pro sports.’ The men especially are all programmed a certain way. They don’t have too many outliers, Republicans. They all behave basically the same, right?” Chris Matthew said.

Matthews noted guest panelist and Daily Beast columnist Margaret Carlson was laughing as he, grinning, went on to repeat the stereotype.

“You must play golf, you don’t play tennis. You must watch sports and talk about the NFL. And what else? Read the Wall Street Journal and believe the op-ed page,” he said.

Guest panelist and Axios political reporter Jonathan Swan brushed off Matthews’ characterization and diverted to another topic.

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