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The Devoted Word Podcast is now Active!

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The Devoted Word Podcast is now Active! |

Please check out our new video podcast, The Devoted Word. We’re doing an exegetical podcast from Genesis through Revelation, beginning with Genesis 1:1. We have several episodes already up and active now!

Check out this sampler from our first topical session, “What do we mean by ‘Biblical Theology’?” If you love Scripture, I am sure you will love this episode; and you will likely hear some things you’ve never heard before.

Also, check out the whole playlist which has several exegetical and biblical theological episodes on Genesis 1:1, 1:1-3, and 1:3. There is much more to come. (We will also soon have an audio-only option! But you have to look at my mug for now!)

Thank you for checking us out. Enjoy. And please remember to subscribe, like, share, and consider becoming a monthly supporter of American Vision.

(Also, look for an upcoming session on why I chose the name “Devoted Word.” You won’t want to miss that (yes, it’s related to Theonomy!).)

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