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It Is Time The Truth Is Out

For God-fearing, Liberty-Loving Patriots

It Is Time The Truth Is Out

It Is Time The Truth Is Out

Rep. Megan Blanksma used Oscar Evans as a substitute to fill her spot in the last session of the Legislature. Rep Blanksma then persuaded Oscar to run against her seat mate.

This is a very serious breach of ethical protocol. It is one thing to work against a fellow district legislator from another party but to turn on traitorous etiquette on your fellow seatmate shows a lack of diplomacy.

Could it be that Rep. Blanksma doesn’t like the comparison of her dismal voting record to that of Representative Christy Zito. Zito rates a solid A on Freedom issues, is endorsed by Right to Life, Farm Bureau, the Second Amendment Alliance* and the Gun Owners of America.

Rep Zito doesn’t just vote right, she LEADS: Rep Zito stands firm against the liberals, lobbyist, and even the Governor. She has earned her opposition. That is why she is opposed.

Rep Blanksma, has, on the other hand , it has been suggested she join the other party where her votes are more compatible. Rather than collaborate, Blanksma chooses not to cooperate. She gives us a candidate that will look to her for advise. Heaven forbid.

A candidate that will not support the Second Amendment, a Candidate that inflates his claim to conservative leadership (specifically what has he done?).

His brochure claims he raises Red Angus and hay, all on the same five acres? I never see him with a cowboy hat. I doubt he owns a pair of boots or ever rides a horse. A cattleman you are not, Mr.Evans.

Do not throw away the solid and proven representation Rep Zito provides. She is also one of the best in getting to know her constituency, a diligent hard working farm wife and an excellent mother.

AS for me, this former fighter pilot, instructor pilot, test pilot and seven term legislator is voting for Rep Christy Zito.


Lyman G Winchester

*Editor’s note: The ISAA does not endorse candidates, however, Rep. Zito received a score of 100% on their survey.

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It Is Time The Truth Is Out

It Is Time The Truth Is Out

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