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UN Unveils Funding Plan to Push Education Agenda

From FreedomProject Media:

The dictators club known as the United Nations has a plan to indoctrinate even more children around the world to believe in its totalitarian ideologies of globalism and “sustainable development” — mostly at your expense. Known as the “International Finance Facility for Education,” the scheme also aims to further regionalize and globalize education.

The UN plan is fairly simple. First, take billions of dollars in taxpayer money from the poor and middle class in Western countries. Then, “leverage it” to get even more, distributing it to regional and global “development” banks. Finally, use all of that “innovative financing” to bribe Third World kleptocrats into creating or expanding national indoctrination regimes aligned with the UN agenda.

As an added benefit for globalists, the UN scheme will help push Third World populations deeper into unsustainable debt to international mega-banks — all to benefit the elite and indoctrinate the children. It will also help standardize “education” around the world, smashing educational diversity and liberty while undermining what remains of local and community control over education.

The whole plot is built around the so-called UN Agenda 2030, also known as the “Sustainable Development Goals.”

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