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Cuomo Mishears Activist, Pledges to Not Accept Fossil Fuel Money


Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D., N.Y.) said that he would not take money from the fossil fuel industry, only for his campaign to say that’s not what the governor meant.

Inside a loud event, a young woman extended her hand to Cuomo and asked him if he would promise to stop taking money from fossil fuels.

“Governor Cuomo, can you please pledge to stop taking fossil fuel money?” the woman asked.

“Yes, I’m there,” Cuomo said.

The young woman was excited and thanked Cuomo for his answer.

On Twitter, the Sunrise Movement attributed Cuomo’s answer to pressure from his primary opponent Cynthia Nixon.

“BREAKING: @NYGovCuomo signals commitment to sign #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge after mths of pressure from @sunrisemvmtnyc to sever ties with Big Oil. If he confirms, he’ll join challenger @CynthiaNixon and @Ocasio2018 who signed mths ago. Give it up for #TheCynthiaEffect,” the Sunrise Movement tweeted with the video.

However, Cuomo’s campaign appears to be trying to walk back what he agreed to in the video, saying Cuomo thought he was asked if he would work to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

“Team Cuomo response via @Lis_Smith: ‘It is our understanding that the governor was asked whether he believes in moving off of fossil fuels and toward renewable energy and he responded affirmatively.’” New York Times reporter Shane Goldmacher tweeted.

Goldmacher followed up later saying that it’s still not known for sure if Cuomo will pledge to not take money from the fossil fuel industry.

“What’s not clear yet? Whether Cuomo will actually stop taking fossil fuel $$$,” Goldmacher tweeted. “I’ve asked and will update this chain when I get hear back.”

Cuomo isn’t the only New York politician who faces challenges from the left of his party. Rep. Joe Crowley (D., N.Y.), a 10-term congressman, was defeated in his primary by political newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Crowley is the chair of the House Democratic Caucus and has been quietly campaigning to become the next Democratic leader should Pelosi lose her base of support.

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