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Trump on North Korea Summit: I Think Our Discussion Will Be a ‘Tremendous Success’


President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he thinks his nuclear discussions with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un will be a “tremendous success.’

After shaking hands, Trump and the North Korean leader sat down and made a few remarks to the press following them during the historic nuclear summit in Singapore. This marks the first time that a U.S. President has ever met face-to-face with a North Korean head of state.

“I feel really great. Going to have a great reception,” Trump said. “And tremendous success, going to be tremendously successful. And it is my honor, and we will have a terrific relationship ahead.”

“It was not easy to get here,” Kim said through his translator. “There were obstacles but we overcame them to be here.”

The Trump administrations’s stated goal for the summit is full denuclearization in the Korean peninsula and has repeatedly said it will continue to impose strict sanctions on North Korea until they reach their goal.

“We are prepared to take actions that will provide [North Korea] sufficient certainty that they can be comfortable denuclearization isn’t something that ends badly for them,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a news conference earlier Monday. “Indeed just the opposite, that it leads to a brighter, better future for the North Korean people.”

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