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What Chaos really means, and its only real Antidote

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What Chaos really means, and its only real Antidote |

A lot has been said about “chaos” lately, particularly with the rise of popularity of Jordan B. Peterson. Peterson’s book promises an “antidote” to chaos, and his lectures on the Bible highlight the same theme. His lectures on the Bible, however, also do not stick with the Bible, but instead interpret it through the lens of the humanistic and occult mystic, Carl Jung. It is time to put the “chaos” theme back in its proper biblical context, and let the Bible itself give us the antidote we need.

The following  lecture centers on Genesis 1:2 which features the primordial “formless and void” chaos. We discuss how that image and language are used throughout Scripture to signify “de-creation,” as a symbol of impending judgment in the social order (see examples in Psalm 107:40; Isa. 24; 34; Jer. 4:22-23; Joel 2:28-30).

We then discuss the image of the dove/bird hovering over the primordial creation to effect the rest of God’s creation, and how this image also is repeated throughout Scripture to designate the renewal of God’s covenant with his people: particularly with Noah and the baptism of Christ being key examples. This work of God are spoken of as “New Creation” (see 2 Cor. 5:17 and Gal. 6:15-16). This will also show up later (see later episodes) as “new heaven and new earth.”

Both of these images are combined on the Day of Pentecost. The concept of “chaos” has been well popularized by Jordan B. Peterson, but we discuss how the biblical worldview is the only place where this concept can find its only lasting and meaningful remedy.

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