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The Devoted Word is now in Podcast form. . . .

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The Devoted Word is now in Podcast form. . . . |

The Devoted Word podcast is now in true podcast form. For those interested, click the following link: From there you should be able to subscribe via multiple platforms, including iTunes, Android, and the host Bluberry itself.

Subscribe today and get up to date with all the current episodes. In the meantime, we are working on Google Play and a couple others.

Also, the video podcasts on YouTube are way ahead of the allowable upload rate/month for our current account. If you have not yet begun to listen, this is no problem for you, but if you have already been listen/watching via YouTube, please be patient while we let the episode releases on the podcasts list catch up to those already uploaded to YouTube. When that time comes, we’ll resume with multiple new shows per week.

Until then, please like, share, subscribe, email, and tell all your friends in every way possible. We want to make The Devoted Word a success by being a great service to as many people as possible.

To help keep The Devoted Word coming, support the American Vision with a generous donation today, or consider becoming a monthly supporter. Your gifts ensure we continue to function.

Thank you!

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