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New Rick Scott Ad Slams Bill Nelson for Avoiding Payroll Taxes on Campaign Staff


Gov. Rick Scott’s (R., Fla.) Senate campaign slammed Sen. Bill Nelson (D., Fla.) on Monday in a new television and digital ad for avoiding paying payroll taxes on his campaign by paying his staff as consultants rather than employees, a practice first revealed by the Washington Free Beacon.

The ad from Scott’s campaign, titled “Stealing from Medicare,” highlights the hypocrisy of Nelson and how his avoidance of paying payroll taxes is stealing money from Medicare and Social Security, two programs he claims he supports.

“Reports of Bill Nelson habitually refusing to pay taxes is nothing short of shameful,” Scott said in a statement on the new ad. “Bill Nelson raises your taxes but it appears he doesn’t pay his own.”

“He fights for big government through health insurance mandates, then reportedly avoids providing health insurance for his own employees,” Scott added. This is exactly the kind of hypocrisy we have come to expect from a career politician like Bill Nelson.”

The ad echoes Scott’s message.

“Payroll taxes. Employers must pay them for their employees. That’s what funds Medicare and Social Security. But career politician Bill Nelson doesn’t think that rule applies to him,”  the ad narrator says. “News reports reveal that Nelson doesn’t pay payroll taxes for his employees. He doesn’t even provide them with health benefits. It’s stealing money from Medicare and Social Security—and it’s unfair.”

“Bill Nelson increases your taxes, but he doesn’t pay his own,” the ad narrator concluded.

Scott initially labeled Nelson a “hypocrite” for not treating his staff as employees, which allows the campaign to save big on payroll costs.

The Washington Free Beacon reported last week that Nelson has continued to avoid payroll tax and other costs associated with having a payroll through at least June.

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