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Nina Turner on Supporting Bernie Sanders: ‘I Catch Hell Every Day, All Day’ From Dems


Nina Turner, the president of Our Revolution, a progressive political action organization spun out of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I., Vt.) 2016 presidential campaign, said Monday that Democrats constantly attack her for supporting him.

Turner, a former Ohio state senator, appeared on “The Breakfast Club” radio show to discuss the Democratic Party’s goals for the next couple election cycles and to talk about her organization’s efforts to defeat Republicans.

Host Charlamagne Tha God asked Turner whether Democrats were still upset at her for supporting Sanders over two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary in 2016.

“Are people still mad at you because you deflected from Hillary and started supporting Senator Sanders?” the host asked.

“I hate when you frame it that way, but yeah people are mad at me. I catch hell every day, all day,” Turner said. “I would do it again, and yeah, I’m attacked every day, all day, no matter what. But I do have a host of people all across this country, and I want acknowledge them who have my back.”

Charlamagne followed up by asking Turner whether she felt that she was getting the backing she deserves, noting that he doesn’t seem to be getting support from the “tribe” that she ought to have.

“Not really because you know in this country people pick and choose, so if I was an establishment Dem I would, but because I am fighting for the underdog and speaking my truth and in the words of brother Malcolm X, I’m for what is right no matter who it is for or against. That’s how I roll. I consider myself a hell-raising humanitarian and people don’t like that,” Turner said.

She also noted that her race might play a role in the Democrats judging her for not supporting Clinton.

“If I can bring colorism in there too, I think some of it is that. We’re still not over that in this country and when you are a dark-skinned African-American woman, sometimes the rules are different for you as well and that’s real,” Turner said. “That’s truth, so not only do we have to deal with racism, we have to deal with colorism in this country.”

She thanked Charlamagne as well as rapper and activist Killer Mike for having her back.

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