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Three free eschatology lectures and a free PDF study guide

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Three free eschatology lectures and a free PDF study guide |

A couple weeks ago Gary and I both spoke at a local eschatology conference hosted by our friends at The Porch, a home church and educational outreach. The audio and more is now available below.

The conference was held on the grounds of the beautiful Marietta Hilton. Gary afterward added some supplementary audio to complete his lectures, and compiled his outline and notes along with several illustrations and links in a helpful study guide, which we offer as a free PDF download below.

We hope you find these lectures helpful, and check out our many end times and Bible prophecy resources below for further study. You will not be disappointed.

Please also remember that American Vision is supported largely by your donations. If you find this free material helpful, please consider making a generous donation in these leanest of late-summer months, or shop our resources and sale online.

Thank you, God bless, and enjoy!

Gary DeMar – first lecture

Gary DeMar – supplemental lecture

Download the free PDF outline, supplemental material, and study material for Gary’s lectures here.

Joel McDurmon’s lecture

Some readers will recall this lecture as one of the appendixes in my book Jesus v. Jerusalem, which is available here and is slowly making its way up online for free as well.

For more and similar American Vision material on end times or eschatology, check out our many books below (also listed at the end of Gary’s free supplemental study guide).

Gary DeMar

Francis X. Gumerlock

Early Christianity

Joel McDurmon


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