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Obama’s Education Secretary Says Trump Wants Ignorant Children

From FreedomProject Academy:

Former President Barack Hussein Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan (shown), who openly boasted of weaponizing schools to turn children into “green” so-called “global citizens,” said President Donald Trump wants American children to be ignorant because he has authoritarian tendencies. Seriously.

Speaking to the fakest of the fake news outlets, also known as the Clinton News Network or CNN, Duncan basically accused Trump of trying to dumb down America’s children. “I’m not sure President Trump wants to have the best-educated workforce,” the radicalized former “education” boss said. “I think it doesn’t play to his authoritarian tendencies.”

Ironically, the bizarre comments come from the establishment’s key man in terms of imposing the dumbed-down Common Core national standards on America. The only two subject matter experts selected to serve on the standards’ validation committee refused to sign off, citing dumbing down and even incorrect math. The results have been catastrophic.

Duncan also attacked the current administration for not having a “strategy” to “educate” children. “I think they’re really struggling,” he told the Communist News Network about the Trump administration. “There’s no vision. There’s no meaningful strategy.”

It appears that Duncan has never read the U.S. Constitution, which does not grant the feds any power over education at all — much less the power to have a national “strategy” for educating children.

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Secretary of Education Arne Duncan with President Obama: White House photo

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