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Good vs Evil, Truth vs Lies, Reality vs Delusion

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Good vs Evil, Truth vs Lies,  Reality vs Delusion

Good vs Evil, Truth vs Lies, Reality vs Delusion

by Pete Ketcham

We constantly wonder what has happened in this nation, to make the godless liberal left act in such an illogical, destructive, and hateful manner. They enact laws that have devastating consequences, achieving the apposite effect intended, and placing their citizens in harm’s way. They will not consider any correction or course of action that is counter to what they perceive as reality. They lie and deceive without hesitation, and  have lost all concept of what is truth and honesty. But the most disturbing characteristic of the liberal left is their hatred and desire for the destruction of those who disagree with them, especially those who believe in the christian faith.

We know that these people’s philosophy is a product of the US education system, but it goes much deeper than that.

It is evident that there is a powerful evil force that walks among us, making many of the people believe that evil is good, lies are truth, and delusion is reality. This force has divided this nation, and has generated a consuming hatred of all that is good. We can see the resultant illogical hatred of this evil force on a daily basis streaming from the democratic party, Hollywood, the news media ,and academia. These four entities have become the major conduits that channel this hatred throughout the nation and on to the coming generations. It has now come to the point that the majority of our youth have lost all sense of morality, and the reality of life as they play violent video games, watch vulgar TV/movies, and listen to degenerate music.

As you may have guessed, this powerful evil force that walks among us is non other than satan. The satan Christ described as a “murderer from the beginning”, “the “father of all lies”, and “the great deceiver”. Because of satan’s growing influence in this nation, there is no longer any middle ground, God’s people are on one side, and satan’s people on the other, each driven by entirely different moral codes, with the satanic hate for God and his people motivating and consuming the liberal left.

Satan is referred to as a deceiver 35 times in the Bible, and as stated before, is commonly known as “The Great Deceiver”. This deception has now permeated the entire left culture, portraying that evil is good, lies are justified, deception is justified, and reality is anything they perceive it to be. If you talk to the people on the left, you find they have zero belief in satan, the bible, the God of the bible, and Christ. Statements of believers proclaiming there is a spiritual world are met with derision and contempt. A case in point is Joy Behar, host of The View, deriding Vice President Pence by questioning his mental stability for believing there can be a answer to prayer and direction from God.

What is happening to our nation is not historically new, nor is it just confined to the US, it is world wide. As we look at recent world history, we see the evil satanic takeover of Germany ( a christian nation) by the Nazis in WW2. We saw that the satanic grip on this nation could not be loosened except by force.

Thus, if we are to win this present battle for our nation’s sole and future, It becomes imperative that we recognize we are literally dealing with the devil’s children who will never respond to reason, reality, or logic. Based on their convictions and actions, the left is in the process of destroying this christian nation as they pursue their agenda. The disruptive out of control Brett Kavanaugh hearings this week is just a precursor of what is to come as the godless democrats continue to destroy the constitutional process of law.

As we wage this war in the political arena, we can also see this satanic influence prevailing in the social world, the following are some examples of this influence:

1. Mass indiscriminate killings at schools and other locations
2. Gang shootings (Chicago & California).
3. LGBT grotesque perverted sex culture.
4. Profane immoral movies, television, & music.
5. Open foul profane language at public events.
6. Rioting and property destruction by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and others.
7. Killing unborn babies in the womb.

There are other examples of this demonic change in our culture, but these are some of the most prominent at this time.

Lastly, if this nation is to survive as a christian nation, the satanic driven godless left must be taken out of power, and as history has shown, force usually becomes the only option remaining to accomplish this, but there remains the hope, that through the help of God, the conservatives/Christians can regain control (as it was in the founding of our nation) of this nation by peaceful means.


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Good vs Evil, Truth vs Lies, Reality vs Delusion

Good vs Evil, Truth vs Lies,  Reality vs Delusion

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