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Program #3530 Eric Liddell, Part 2

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3530 Eric Liddel, Part 2 (Missionary Work, Faith, Imprisonment) After winning a Gold Medal in the 1925 Olympics, Eric Liddell returned to northern China to serve as a missionary like his parents. He marries Florence Mackenzie and they have three daughters. In 1941, the advancing Japanese army presses Liddell and his family to flee to a rural mission station. In 1943, the Japanese reach the mission and Liddell is interned in a prison camp. Aggravated by the shortage of food and medical treatment, Liddell develops a brain tumor and suffers severe ill-health. Many camp internees attest to the strong moral character of Liddell. He was seen as a great unifying force and helped to ease tensions through his selflessness, impartiality and unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

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