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Jihadi ‘Charity’ Raises Money for Terrorists in Syria

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A Jihadi charity organization is reportedly raising money online through various social media applications to help provide foreign fighters in Syria with military hardware, such as drones, according to a terrorist monitoring organization.

A so-called “charity organization” has been using the social media application Telegram to raise “funds for the mujahideen in Syria,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, an organization that tracks jihadist movements.

“The group uses Bitcoin addresses, Telegram, and WhatsApp to collect money to supply fighters with equipment such as weapons and drones, as well as food and clothing for fighters and their families,” according to MEMRI, which featured the new information in a report on support being given to foreign fighters in Syria.

The cash is being used to fund weaponry for Australians, Swedes, and other Europeans who have travelled to Syria to pick up arms on behalf of terrorist groups.

The Telegram account has 129 members, 42 photos, 10 video, and several audio files, according to MEMRI. It’s first post appeared on July 2 of this year.

“The channel’s description states: ‘This is a completely non profit, independent charity organisation and we are not affiliated with any particular groups,'” according to MEMRI, which has exposed similar jihadi behavior on Telegram in the past.

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