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Largest Budget EVER for U.S. Education Department

From FreedomProject Media:

Despite pledging to trim or even eliminate the U.S. Department of Education, the GOP-controlled Congress passed and President Trump signed the largest ever budget for the unconstitutional agency. While the increase is smaller than last year’s, the Education Department has never received a larger appropriation in its nearly 40 year history.

Under the Fiscal Year 2019 Appropriations Bill passed by Republican lawmakers, the Education Department will receive some $71.5 billion — and that does not count the many billions more in “mandatory” spending. The 2019 budget is more than half a billion dollars larger than last year’s appropriation, which held the record before this one was signed.

One of the largest increases in spending — almost $250 million more than last year — will go to the so-called “Head Start” program to take over even more parenting duties from parents. Not only is the scheme unconstitutional, but it has been a miserable failure even in terms of its own stated goals.

Also receiving a massive boost is Title I Funding for school districts, which will grow by $100 million. Charter schools will get another $50 million, while “21st Century Community Learning Centers” will receive an extra $10 million. The “Office for Civil Rights,” which under Obama played a key role in pushing schools to let boys go in the girls’ bathrooms, will get close to $10 million more than last year, too.

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