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No Legalized Pot In Idaho

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No Legalized Pot In Idaho

No Legalized Pot In Idaho

Be prudent, Idaho

What’s the hurry?  Do 10 minutes of research and you’ll read over and over, “the science is too new,” “still too new to prove anything,” “further research is needed.”  Just perusing headlines should give any thinking person cause to evaluate:

1. Fertility risk from cannabis?  Marijuana linked to lower sperm count and more abnormalities (Mia de Graaf, Health Editor for, published 9 October 2018)

2. Pot Holes Legalizing marijuana is fine.  But don’t ignore the science on its dangers(Judith Grisel, May 25, 2018, Washington Post)

And possibly the most damning:

3. George Soros has spent at least $80million to get pot legalized in the US and Uruguay (Ryan Gorman, 3 April 2014,

Now why would Soros have such a vested interest in legalizing marijuana?   The article “Pot Holes” by Judith Grisel (a former pot smoker and now neuroscientist) explains.  Here are some highlights:

She states that we should not be asking whether or not to legalize marijuana, but rather “How will growing use of delta-9-THC affect individuals and communities?”  This question is answered via the well-known effects of heavy marijuana use.  Dr. Grisel asserts that heavy pot smokers:

  • are 60% less likely to graduate from high school — well that will help our society!  Consider the unemployability after we pay huge tax bills to publicly educate them.
  • have reduced activity in brain circuits critical for flagging newsworthy experiences — so heavy smokers are numbing themselves to reality and the joys of it.  Why would a guy like George Soros want that?  Hmmm, let me think.
  • may harm their children and grandchildren.  The offspring of partying (pot smoking) adolescents may be at increased risk for mental illness and addition as a result of changes to gene expression and behavior.  So much like the rush to legalize the birth control pill (only to find generations later that they are linked to an increase in autism), let’s rush to legalize this too — without the research, without the information; so two generations down the road, Idahoans can also say “whoops, guess that was the wrong call.”
  • and to answer the stupid argument “it’s natural” … Dr. Grisel retorts, “so is arsenic.”  I would add that manure is also natural — but can’t imagine many folks recommending its consumption (at least in a truthful manner).

Bottom line.  Marijuana may make a boring life more interesting, but it also has consequences — some we know and others to be known. I moved to Idaho partially because of the legalization of marijuana in my former state. I saw what it was doing to the society (nothing good) and saw what it did to neighbor kids. They destroyed themselves.  Within months, they moved to stronger drugs, left their families — and all the while claiming “it’s natural.”  Well, frankly, they would have been better off smoking manure. I hope Idaho is smart enough to wait and see and is suspicious of the method used by Soros and his ilk. 1. Legalize medical marijuana, then 2. Open Pandora’s box.  No control.  Just consequences.

Dear Legislators, Beware what you make legal, people will think it is right.


Kim Piotrowski
Marsing, ID


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No Legalized Pot In Idaho

No Legalized Pot In Idaho

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