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Join me at my upcoming debate, McDurmon vs. Carrier!

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Join me at my upcoming debate, McDurmon vs. Carrier! |

I am happy to announce I will be debating atheist Dr. Richard Carrier on November 10, 2018, at First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston, TX. More details below. Be in prayer that the Lord will use this encounter to advance his kingdom.

The interrogative for debate is, “Which worldview produces the best world?” The topic, then, is one of ethics. It will, I imagine, particularly involve broader themes related to social ethics.

Dr. Carrier is a well-known naturalist and atheist. While not as famous as a Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins, Carrier is similar to both in certain ways. Like Harris in particular, Carrier has made a focused attempt at answering the naturalists’ most difficult and historically-besetting problem—a naturalistic foundation for ethics and morality.

Dr. Carrier has, in fact, attempted a thorough defense of Naturalism as a comprehensive worldview in his book Sense and Goodness Without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism. I have several issues with it, but the point here is that he has gone where most other atheists, naturalists, secular philosophers, etc., have feared to tread: attempting a naturalistic defense of morality and ethics.

We’ll see if this rare example holds up in due time, but for now I am thankful and impressed that, unlike most, Dr. Carrier has at least attempted one.

Since this is the core subject under debate, we can consider Dr. Carrier one of the few trained experts on the subject. We should get to the point very quickly and have it out.

Since Dr. Carrier is also one of the few atheists who has thought through and published a comprehensive naturalistic worldview, he stands as a pretty good representative for atheism in general. He has made a concerted effort to demonstrate naturalism consistently, not in the popular way so many atheists have done. He has the advantage of consistency and systematization they almost universally lack. Even if other atheists were to object to his views on particular points, he still stands as representative as far as he has the greater demonstrated consistency overall. Consistency tends toward clarity, and that is a good thing for worldview debate. I look forward to discussing the point more in depth.

Please consider joining us for this event. Tickets are very affordable. For high school or college students, it’s FREE!

Support us and our organizer and host. Join us for fellowship, the support of biblical Christian apologetics, and the advancement of God’s kingdom in all areas of life, beginning in this case with the foundations for morality and social ethics. Also, I will be preaching at the church the following Sunday morning in case you wish to stay.

I look forward to seeing you there!

From the event host, Pastor Evan McClanahan​:

We ask how and where these worldviews “cash out” and why. Does atheistic naturalism finally offer the utopian vision we all crave? Or does Biblical Christianity, rightly practiced, actually offer a good world?

Dr. McDurmon is a Christian and Dr. Carrier is an atheist. Both have published in this area and this should prove to be a fascinating encounter. You can secure tickets at Eventbrite now and all high school and college students will be FREE! Tickets are only $10! November 10, 7:30 pm. First Lutheran, 1311 Houston,

Register here.

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