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HUD Scraps Controversial Section 8 Bidding Process

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has completely scrapped the bidding process previously underway for contracts to manage the Section 8 program, which provides rental assistance to low-income persons, and will start again from scratch. The post HUD Scraps Controversial Section 8 Bidding Process appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]

March 17, 2018

A Trump Strategy to Neuter HUD’s AFFH

John Anthony When President Reagan took office in 1980, he promised to reduce the number of federal agencies and rules.   Eight years later, his Presidential Task Force on Regulatory Relief failed to eliminate a single agency or even one of the thousands of federal regulations.... ... [...]

November 24, 2017

Fox News Fires Reporter John Huddy

"The network's investigation concluded last week, and due to the observation of the Sabbath on Friday, terminated Huddy's employment this morning." ... [...]

October 24, 2017

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